Writer remains the breadwinner of her family and continues to inspire people despite Parkinson’s Disease

Marites Valencia Odarbe once had it all, as a young girl, her parents owned the Ropaz Enterprises and was into trading agricultural supplies and firearms, they had delivery trucks and heavy machinery as well as money lending. During her teenage years, she was sent to a prestigious school, at the UST then at UP Diliman. However, during her college years, mysterious symptoms started to change her life, while reciting in her class in Ateneo, she experienced sudden tremors and after consulting with medical experts they were informed that she in fact that Parkinsons Disease-

Parkinson’s definition and disease facts

  • Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder, which leads to progressive deterioration of motor function due to loss of dopamine-producing brain cells.

Despite her medical condition, Marites tries to find humor in the situation and even jokes about the various Parkinson personalities that she experiences- but there had been many times, wherein she almost gave up. The once bright declaimer is now stammering uncontrollably and this leads her to feel a deep depression- as she longs to become a lawyer.

After the discovery of the Parkinson’s disease, another tragic situation occurred, the Ropaz Businesses feel and her parents died within a year. The only saving grace from the situation was her getting married and finding the love of her life through Jan Odarbe. Her husband Jan took over the household chores and cared for his wife physically, and the union gave her Jeanne Marie, or JM their daughter.  However, the pa extra work of her husband did not allow much for her Parkinsons treatment.

When she reached age 40, their savings were almost spent, but a change came into her, and she realized that despite her condition, she has a way to share light to others and that is through her writing.  She did not want her disease to control her and overpower her life, this is why she joined the UP initiated Community Based Rehabilitation program or CBR a PWD cooperative.

As the Bible would state, Ask and you shall be given, she approached the San Juan Mayor Rodolfo Manalo, who appointed her as focal person for the office of the PWD affairs and this paved the way for her to speak  about her disease and enlighten more people  in the Philippines and even led her to be given a chance to speak at the CBR world congress in India.  In one of her speech, she stated that The real measure of how effective they are is when those like me, who once saw themselves as PWDs, see themselves as PODs or persons of destiny.”

This led her to write a book called  ” Trust His Will”, a personal journey from being a person with Disability or PWD to a Person of Destiny (POD).

In the prime of her life, it seemed as though Marites had lost everything.  But God wasn’t done with her.  At every stage of her long hard journey from being the girl with everything to a PWD and now to a POD, Marites learned above all, to trust His will.  That is the title of the book she has just published through the Komiks Guild of the Philippines.  For as Marites declares in her earthy Batangueno Tagalog: “Kapag sa iyo nauukol, talagang bubukol.”

“Poverty is not just the absence of money but it is a mentality. When you always ask for food, for a treat or for something, your mindset is still in poverty. Some poor people only wanted to receive and they don’t give. The real secret to become wealthy is to GIVE. SHARE YOUR TIME, TALENT AND LIFE WITH OTHERS, SHARE THE POSITIVE WORDS AND YOU WILL SEE GREAT CHANGES. There is power in positivity that overshadows poverty. When you are born poor, you have no choice about that, but when you die poor, that is your mistake.” (copied from dok ed alternatibo)
I am always guilty of this “poverty mentality”. I am trying to totally extinguish this from my thinking. Kaya nga, my first step, my way of giving is to share my story to the world…”sumesegway”  According to Marites Odarbe.

I am not ashamed to show my disability because it is in this weakness that the Power of the Lord Jesus Christ works in my life- #Marites Valencia Odarbe#TRUST HIS WILL #pwd2pod

-Author Marites Valencia Odarbe

(c) The Standard Lifestyle

Right now she is seeking for sponsors who want to help her re-produce the book- any leads as to how this might be possible- so the message of the book can be spread to more people who need to be strengthened during through the most trying times.

Contact 0999 509 7878 or send an email for any leads as to interested publishers who can help at kali.alaia777@gmail.com
Click link:

Sponsorship Package Opportunities:

No matter what faith your people are in, this book provides real talk and real lessons paid for every day by the author’s real life struggle with one of the most debilitating physiological and spiritual challenges. The message is quite clear, the language so simple…and authentic. Be inspired no matter what faith you are in. (see video here: www.facebook.com/komiksguild/)



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