4 Reasons Why You Should add Iloilo in your Travel goals this year

The Philippines is no longer the sick man of Asia, every year there are better reasons to travel and explore the country as more and more opportunities and creative developments are happening. Iloilo, is one of the most progressive cities in the Philippines, only unlike Taguig or Makati, it is a bit more laid back and has less traffic, which means there is more time to appreciate the scenery.

  1. Become an Instant History Buff

Are you tired of meaningless adventures, and want to try learning something new for once, then touring Iloilo City can provide immense learning for you. Visit the Jaro Cathedral, and see the impressive Lady of Candles, who is carrying the Child Jesus.  This was a wooden statue that is said to be miraculous, it was found to be 3ft. tall when it was first discovered and legend would tell that it already grew up to 7ft as of the present time. The historical site is said to be the home of so many miraculous stories according to locals.

2. Get to Visit Legendary Spanish Houses

Ilocos Norte is not the only ancestral city in the Philippines when in Iloilo, do some more sightseeing and explore spectacular old Spanish houses and experience the grandeur of the past. See how the Spaniard influence was kept within Iloilo and have a fantastic time to share photos on your Instagram, and even your own blog.





3. Spectacular Food

Iloilo takes pride in their authentic La Paz Batchoy, taste authentic food while visiting the Old La Paz Public market, try the original recipes and be transported in the culinary wonders of the past in Iloilo. Try Netong’s, Ted’s and Deco’s for starters.

The meat in batchoy is a combination of cuts of chicken, pork innards, and beef; these are the ingredients that make the broth so rich and flavorful.

(c) http://watchappetite.ph/la-paz-batchoy/

4. Lots of Side Trips to be Explored

If you feel you have more time to explore, and still want to experience the adventure, you can immediately visit Guimaras Island. The island is just 15 minutes ferry ride from Iloilo. There you can taste sweet Mangoes, and enjoy spectacular sights, do some much-needed island hopping. Or you can also visit Bucari Pine Forest, this is what locals would call as ” Iloilo’s Little Baguio” because this part of Iloilo has a cool climate. Visitors can create their campsite and spend the night in the woods. Roast your own marshmallow around the campfire and prepare a hearty breakfast upon waking up in the morning, you can even decide to go on the hiking trip near the waterfalls.

“Tangke” a saltwater lagoon in Gigantes Island (Iloilo, Philippines)

How to go to Iloilo?

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Iloilo Heritage Tour

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