You Don’t Have To Say Yes To Every Opportunity

We live in a multi-tasking world, where everything is within reach, and anything and everything can happen if we want it to be. The internet has allowed us so many opportunities, that there is no longer any limit in what we can do. If you want to reach Ellen De Generes, or even Queen Elizabeth, there are now vast opportunities, ways, and means for you to do so- we live in a kind of world where information is so rich- you can be everything and live different types of lives but should this mean you should grab every opportunity that comes your way?

Multi-tasking is usually a very bad idea, although the world tempts us to be Superhuman every day of our lives, multi-tasking and doing everything all at once- could just be the worst idea- you can’t and should not be everything for everyone and there must be focus and attention to detail. Just imagine, speaking on the phone during an important business meeting, while trying to advise your brother on how he should save his marriage?  It is impossible to have a quality conversation and to live a meaningful life, trying to juggle everything. We might be tempted to be like Elon Musk or Jack Ma in taking on every single business in the world, but let’s face it- not everyone would have great results with multi-tasking, it entails a lot of sacrifices which could literally mean we could be sacrificing our own health, and our own family and loved ones- and living a lesser quality of life due to our inability to focus and understand the really essential things in our life.

Let’s face it unless you are building a space rocket and launching it on Mars to save mankind, should you really be acting and living like Elon Musk? Should writers multi-task on writing two or three books in a month? Should a painter, create 10 paintings in one sitting and attempt to finish them at the same time, should a musician write 5 songs in one day? Should a chef, cook 12 dishes in one hour and expect high-quality results?  In essence, multitasking takes away our focus, and our ability to feel and understand what is happening, while multitasking has to happen once in a while because our environment dictates it so, we as humans, in general, need deeper processing and learning to improve on our current pace.

A lot of people believe, that if they squeeze in 10 to 20 activities in one day, they achieve more. But most of the things they do lack mindfulness. People especially first time entrepreneurs who want to gain instant fame and money, forget the purpose of why they are doing a certain activity, as a result, their decision making is altered. There are too many business opportunities, people to meet and interact with- and instead of focusing on improving a relationship with the people around them, the feeling of accomplishing a lot of things through multitasking becomes the norm, even if the result is not satisfactory. A lot of people just go by and believe that for as long as they have done some work that is all that they need. But the mind needs time to relax, and decide in an environment that is not stressful. Too much multi-tasking and taking on every opportunity that comes our way, can be destructive, and could lead to depression,  anxiety, chronic pain and even heighten ADHD as well as other conditions that could have been avoided if we learned to stop and be mindful of our actions– we don’t need to grab every opportunity that is out there, especially when it does not align with our purpose, our life mission. It does not mean that if it can create money, or if it could provide you immediate cash, is that you should immediately jump to it. This is where mediocrity sets in- if you try to prove that you can be everything at once- your work and your life become mediocre.

Before saying Yes to an opportunity, stop and think about it- you don’t and should not jump in every movie offer if you are a celebrity, you don’t collaborate with every musician you know just to be in the game. You don’t have to make money out of every idea that comes your way- Rushing and not planning things through, and not assessing if a certain plan in life speaks to your life mission is dangerous- you end up trying to be everything until your system breaks down. Know when to stop, do not glorify being busy- as though busyness or keeping yourself busy can lead you to the solutions you have been hoping for. Because at times, the answers come to you when you are Silent, answers come to you when you are relaxed, Creativity comes to you when you are happy and Success comes to you when you finally understand your mission and real purpose in life.

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