Why Writers Who Publish Poetry in 2019 are Brave

Let’s face it not a lot of mainstream publishing houses would dare publish a poetry book nowadays- second the ability to reach out to different types of culture, mindset and people is hard to do- so if by any chance you decide to publish a poetry book in 2019 you are considered brave and eternal.

Brave because the act itself is saying, that you are deeply entrenched with the war of words and still believe in the beauty of life enough to finish an entire poetry book- critic or no critic. Eternal because Poets remind us of the heavenly things in life, of the great observations, of the mind in connection with the soul.

Borderless By Indrajeet Dasgupta writes powerful and lovely set of words in his book.

‘Borderless’ is a collection of micro fictions and philosophies in prose and poetry. In a world defined by identities, hierarchies, borders, languages, ideologies, Borderless aims to have none. Each character could be from anywhere in the planet, sans timelines and are strung together by one thread : humanity. It merely tries to record the current human conditions of joy, ecstasy, pain, ambition, hope, grief, and such. It invites you to look closer and understand the profundity of life as we know it.

About The Author:

Hotelier, Corporate Leader, Trainer, Certified Consultant, Humanitarian and a Design Thinker, Indrajeet Dasgupta was born in Kolkata, India. He completed his schooling from the legendary Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission and further pursued English Literature in college. He had an exciting career in hotels followed by entrepreneurship before foraying into the corporate world. His Bengali parents’ stock middle class upbringing and the monastic school discipline gave him the value system he continues to practice and cherish till date. Indrajeet works and writes from Manila, The Philippines.

Beautiful Planet

The tramp is punctual. Before the last city lights go off, and the first hopes of a day are born, he wakes up. His craggy, broad face looks up at the sky, eyes shut tight, spine erect. He says a silent prayer. He has been balding in patches, the silvery brown hair that fall over his ears, neck and shoulders, are somewhat matted. His shaky, hairy right hand pushes down the blanket upon which he is seated, hoisting the rest of his body up. His limp left leg is an embarrassment that he tries to cover up by moving his upper body more while walking. He pays the exact change to the short, pudgy man at the public comfort room counter, goes in and gets out in under 15 minutes. The ritual is the exact same each day – shake out the blanket of any dust, keep his ‘world’ neatly stacked along the wall behind, and then sit with an erect spine for the following 4 ‘office hours’. Back resting against the 5-star hotel wall, a cushion in between – the guards let him be, after years of humiliation and his silent persuasion. He keeps his aluminum bowl and steel container without the lid in front, collects himself and then puts ‘them’ on. His black shades – if you look closely at the tinted glass, you would see the first lights of dawn upon a beautiful planet.

Another favorite Poetry of mine inside the book Borderless is the Crested Ibis

Crested Ibis

Gee! I am not the bird that brings home stuff,
Art décor, furniture, books and such fluff!
I made a nest on top of this hill,
Gave you my rare seed, and a bonny Bill.

Now I must fly across the great skies in search,
Of meaning, higher purpose, and food for thought,
For what’s a bird that hasn’t spread its majestic wings,
Flown over lands and oceans, befriending commoners and kings?

Wait for me if you must, for when I return,
I shall have gifts as no lady could spurn.
Wisdom, Experience and an imperceptible sense of humor,
Your young lover in a mature plume, a wiser late-bloomer.

If you are looking for solitude these days and want to read something that reminds you of heaven, and the good that is in humanity- or simply the ebb and flow of beautiful words then try this book Borderless by Indrajeet Dasgupta.

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Rajroshan Poojari
Rajroshan Poojari
11 months ago

What a wonderful read. Congratulations Indrajeet and I sure see a spark of a star in the making.