Why Purchasing a Residential Farm is a good form of investment?

In the light of recent scams and shady investment deals that are plaguing countries all over the world. There remains one solid form of investment that is guaranteed to be safe and that is purchasing residential farms. Let us face it, more and more people are realizing the value of nature, the value of food, and the value of not paying for every service there is because you can just grow them in your own land, and in your own quiet space.

Buying and owning a farmland or rural estate is easier than most people believe it to be. Farmland real estate, as an investment type, is much easier to research and understand compared with other types of financial investment. The land is real, it can be felt and touched, you can live off it, make money by putting profitable plants in it, and it can be used anytime for just getting away to the country and escaping the city life when it gets too toxic.

Compared with other forms of investment, buying a residential farmland estate is not a bubble. The land value in the Philippines continues to rise, and a majority of those who have farmlands continue to buy more farms with cash.

Factors to consider why Purchasing a Farm Land Real Estate is ideal:

Here are some of the fundamentals when it comes to purchasing and owning a quality farmland estate

Growing Population

The population is growing and we are nearly 7 billion people in the world, over the next 30 years, the world population will reach as high as 9 billion. Which means the total number of quality farmlands would be finite. Incomes will rise due to emerging markets and there will be a far greater demand for food- root crops and even meat and grain. There will be a higher demand for food, and keeping a farmland assures that at any point in time- you can use the farmland for growing precious crops if you don’t have the possibility to farm it- you can always rent it out or sell it to a much higher value.

Diversification & Growth

Farmland real estate lends itself to what we call as leveraged buying, where a small amount of cash that you use, can start the acquisition of a larger asset. Farmlands normally appreciate in value even as the market fluctuates- providing the owners’ much needed financial stability. It offers owners portfolio diversification and a hedge against the effects of inflation.  Even if there is a war, and all types of market trouble, the value will still rise.

Recreational Space- more and more people are realizing the value of nature,  what else could explain the rise in the number of people traveling just to gain access to recreational centers. Why not buy a farmland estate instead and convert it to your very own piece of heaven. Right now with the rise of digital technology, even farmlands can comfortably be used as a working space by tech people- enjoy working in the comfort of your home, under the shade of fruit-bearing trees while actively engaging the world online.

Residential Farm Lot For Sale in the Philippines

The Residential farm for sale features in this blog is a part of Filinvest Land, the developers have already made considerable developments in the property to make sure that every modern service and need is available to tenants.  There is a 24-hour security at Nusa Dua Tanza.  The design of Nusa Dua was intended for showcase farms, owners are given the opportunity to grow herbs, plants, and trees. Establishing a mini-farm and even your own pond is possible. The Balinese inspired Clubhouse and neighboring units would remind tenants to take a deep breath, relax, unwind and enjoy what nature has provided.

Nature’s Lush Sanctuary in Cavite
Nusa Dua is located at Tanza-Trece Road, Barangay Paradahan, Tanza, Cavite

How to get there:

Via South Super Highway:
Take Carmona Exit. Turn right at Governor’s Drive until you cross the Aguinaldo Highway. Go straight ahead until you reach the Indang-Trece Martirez intersection. Turn right to Tanza-Trece Martirez Road, and drive straight ahead until you see the NUSA DUA Residential Farm Estate on your left.

Via Coastal Road:
Upon reaching Brgy. Talaba, turn right to Bacoor town proper. Upon reaching Brgy. Mabolo, turn right to Binakayan Road until you reach the EPZA Road. Proceed until you reach Mcdonald’s Tanza. Turn left to Trece Martirez-Tanza Road until you see NUSA DUA Residential Farm Estate on your right.

Via Cavitex:
Upon reaching Coastal Road, go straight ahead Cavitex until you reach Binakayan and EPZA Road. Proceed until you reach Mcdonald’s Tanza. Turn left to Trece Martirez-Tanza Road until you see NUSA DUA Residential Farm Estate on your right.




Featured Amenities:

  • Gate & Guardhouse
  • Showcase Farm
  • Balinese-inspired Playpark
  • Meditation Hut
  • Picnic Area
  • Tree House
  • Fish Pond
  • Wantilan Clubhouse (adult & kiddie pools, jacuzzi, game room, function rooms)
 Site Development Plan:
If interested Contact:
Should you wish to discuss, you may contact us through Globe: 09159753143 or 09159753140.. or Cavite landline (046) 4896717.




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