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Can you still remember back when Sandara Park rose to fame in the Philippines? She is one of the contestants on the talent show Star Circle Quest and this became her training ground and platform to her future successful career as Korean Pop SuperStar.


Back in 2007, Sandara Park now called ” Dara”, was literally no one in the Korean music scene, in fact at times she was even ridiculed for her features and not being Korean enough to represent Korea. I remember teaching Korean students who even refuse to recognize Sandara Park as someone successful and beautiful. But look how much she has transformed now!

Who knew then that Sandara Park would become a global icon? So big that she would create a name in the U.S, Japan and many other countries where K-pop culture is thriving.

While her career did not in most sense flourish in the Philippines after her movie film partner Hero Angeles decided to cut his career short in Showbiz.  Sandara Park did not stop there and decided she will try her luck in her hometown instead.

After a series of not so successful events to retain her fame status in the Philippines. She embarked on a new journey and decided not to give up. She returned to South Korea, retrained and in 2009 made the successful South Korean debut in 2009 as a member of the K-pop group 2NE1.

2NE1: Rose to Fame

Sandara Park’s success started out slow, but through persistence, hard work and yearly improvements with her craft she eventually made it and became one of the best selling girl groups of all time before they disbanded in 2016. In 2004 she released her EP, Sandara and she was able to sell 100,000 physical copies making her the only South Korean artist who was able to do this in another Asian country.

In 2009, the group 2NE1 came out with the single ” Fire”, the song catapulted them to fame, this was soon followed by another song ” Kiss”. After that, she focused on her co-hosting career in television for Two Yoo Project Sugar Man, and she also appeared as a judge in the talent show Pinoy Boyband Superstar. After that Sandara Park also acted in different web series programs including Dr. Ian where she won as Best Actress.

Sandara Park: Queen of Transformation

After 2NE1 she renewed her contract with YG Entertainment, and the rest is history. Sandara Park transformation is truly empowering. In 1993, she had to move back to the Philippines with her family because her father could not make both ends meet. She was not fluent in the Filipino language and had a had time communicating with classmates, but through sheer will, she disciplined herself and learned the language. This skill proved to be useful in her discovery as a Philippine Celebrity.

After this, she took on the much bigger platform as a K-pop member and collaborated with big names like Big Bang. She eventually was featured in numerous projects including that of  G-Dragon’s album Heart breaker and landed the promotions for CL Beer together with Lee Min Ho. Just like to Korean endorsers she also landed many skin care products to endorse including that of Etude House.

Korean celebrities are frequently endorsing top skin care products that directly correlate to their image and branding. Stars like Park Seo Joon is known for endorsing Laneige. Skin Care products that top Amazon sales like Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay often make it on top of the list and must-haves of Amazon buyers due to effective celebrity endorsers like Dara.

Sandara Park not only changed her career drastically but also her fashion and looks. She is now classified as one of the best and well dressed K-pop celebrity in the world.  In December 2017 after the disbandment of 2NE1, Park performed the groups hits all by herself in a solo headlining concert.

In the present time, she is now known as Dara, one of the leading figures in the ‘Reverse-Hallyu’ Wave.  She is dubbed as BoA the first Korean artist to break through the Philippines and the Japanese market. She is termed as the babyface of Korean celebrities. She is often called as ” vampire” for her youthful and glowing skin. An effect that is caused most likely by luxurious facial creams like that of Elemis. Her face is dubbed as having perfect proportions and is very popular with advertisers and consumers. In 2012, she was announced as one of the most beautiful women of all time.


Ultimate Transformation: Dara

From a shy girl to the most iconic and memorable Korean fashion icon today. Dara now has her own signature tail lilt eye make up and comes up with bold different hairstyles and clothing every year. She is a pioneer of unconventional trends. Her hairstyle like that of the palm tree hairstyle became so famous in Asia and her looks became signature trademarks. She has amassed global media attention and is known for her shocking and not so stereotypical styles.  Sandara Park to Dara was indeed a Queenly and Superb Transformation.

Park is considered to be one of the icons for modern-day  South Korean Beauty- any product that she endorses in skin care is well loved.  Moonshot one of the products she launched in 2014, stated that after Dara released their products the products were sold out immediately requiring immediate restocking proving Dara’s undeniable marketability and influence.





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