Why Romance is A Bonus Book Should be on Your Next Netflix Binge

Tired of the usual TV series suggestions on Netflix? Too much hero packed action or crime series perhaps? Try watching something relaxing, and something different this week- try some Romantic Comedy series that will relax your thoughts and make you happy and content for a few hours- try Romance is A Bonus Book instead.

Romance is Bonus Book is fit for Introverts, while it is definitely a Korean drama series, it does not come out as cheesy- instead the aesthetics and the way it was created will remind you of a much simpler and quiet time- away from the rush and noise of the modern world. K-dramas were created for people who want to escape the noise a bit. While Korean dramas and K-pop groups were not a hit back then, today the creators of the series have improved so much that anyone who happens to watch a romantic Korean drama series on their leisure time, would without a doubt be converted to the Hallyu Craze.- Hallyu- the fictional Korean dream state and dimension for all K-drama and K-pop lovers worldwide.

1.Lee Jong Suk

Apart from the glorious fact that one of the most successful K-drama actors is the one starring in Romance is A Bonus Book. We see Lee Jong Suk play the endearing role of a writer and youngest editor-in-chief in this latest K-drama. He portrays the classic role of a guy who fell in the friend zone game, and who finds a way to get out of being just a friend. Lee Jong- suk plays the role so well, calm and poised and an ever reliable friend and lover. Something that we all wish we had in real life.

2. Focus on Books and Publishing

Where can you find a Korean drama series that gave so much importance to books and the Publishing industry? Netflix and the creators of Romance is a Bonus book obviously studied the script and the material before publishing it. If you by any chance want to learn a bit, even as you find delight in watching- this is the Korean drama series for you- if you did not love reading books before you will surely become curious- if you happen to love books- you will love it even more due to Romance is a Bonus Book.

3. The Ideal Workplace

If you are a 30 year old career driven person who dreams of working for a worthy company – then this is the series for you. It shows and ideal publishing house and workplace that values work ethics. It is the ultimate good vibes show for people who are workaholics. The writers of Korean drama series most certainly understand the complexity of modern relationships and strive to provide something else that most Western movies and drama series do not have. Korean drama series like Romance is a Bonus Book would make you value work- your company even. Koreans are known for respecting their work superiors and creating an ideal world inside their Korean dramas. If you are looking for a relaxing and sweet break from all the noise in the world- Romance is A Bonus Book is definitely it.

4. Cute, Funny and Peaceful Love Plot

The love tandems inside the story are super cute, happy and funny. If you are searching for a Korean drama series that would make you feel different emotions including brotherly love and care as well as respect for one another then Romance is a Bonus Book on Netflix is something you would greatly appreciate. The story doesn’t try too hard, instead it flows through you like poetry- a smooth and loving one and it caresses your soul- you are definitely going to miss this series and have nostalgic feels for the characters and the setting once you are done with it.

Asian Drama Series like this one strive to be calm, they have a certain color texture. The story is serene and made to be enjoyable for certain people. A lot of fans of Korean drama series often enjoy another dimension- that Asian films offer- watching Korean drama series like this one is like drinking tea in a quiet and really lovely afternoon while listening to the gust of wind around you.

Korean drama series or Asian series that are produced with high-quality writing and emotions- offer deep sensations and emotions as well as plot that gives importance to brotherly and sisterly love not just for the central characters who are in love on the story- rather it strives to present an ideal world wherein the audience becomes enamored with the happy and ideal setting the writers have created.

Romance is a Bonus Book is definitely going to be one of your go to Netflix Korean drama series whenever you feel like entering a much more quiet and happy dimension.

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