Why Removing Your Boyfriend’s Blackheads is Your Sacred Mission

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Let’s face it blackheads are gross, they are tiny black holes in your boyfriend’s nose and yes it is your mission to remove it.

For men out there, who have not heard of blackheads, well this is the little irritating dirt on your nose that makes you less adorable. Blackheads clog your pores and are one of the greatest signs that you have not been taking care of your face for the longest time possible- and Yes, being a man is not an excuse not to clean your face-

Women who care introduce beauty habits that men will not even dare talk about, it is absolutely an imperative then that you as a girlfriend should introduce the process of removing your man’s blackheads, because of course never in a million years would he have the guts to ask what type of product he should use to resolve this small dilemma of his.

This is not to say that males are not endearing, or that your boyfriend is less than perfect. It just means you as a girlfriend can introduce magical things to your man’s grooming kit. You as a woman and as a girlfriend has the ultimate mission to bring your man to the future.

COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid, 100ml

Women Who love their Boyfriend Help in Removing Unsightly, Ugly Blackheads

Blackheads are dead skin, bacteria, and debris that is covering up your face. They are not pleasant to look at and well most women would rather not live with this problem. But thanks to the many wonders of nature and science it can be taken care of using a simple skin care regimen.

Women who love their boyfriend would care to share some of the tips that make their skin glow and look flawless. After all, the mission of looking great is not limited to oneself. If you are not doing anything this week, you might want to coax your boyfriend into trying several facial products that can make them look even more gorgeous in your eyes. Just imagine, having a little relaxing time with the one you truly love the most and teaching them something in a romantic and sweet way- even if guys don’t admit this they absolutely love learning some of the things that make women different- special.

Blackheads cannot be removed by a simple soap, it needs an exfoliating regimen for it to be eradicated on the skin, and there are certain products that excel in stripping away this monstrosity that occurs in the pores. Carefully explain to your man, that cleaning the face and having a facial regimen does not make them less of a man, instead, it is an activity that opens up a topic between the two of you and that is taking care of your face and keeping the attraction level up. Trust me, though he might think its funny he will appreciate the care and effort put into it, it might be a plus point for you plus you get to take care of his face and kiss him after making sure that his skin is taken care of.

Since the skin of males is a different territory, do not apply just about any blackheads remover out there that you can see. It takes a special technique to kiss blackheads goodbye. When it comes to removing blackheads, one name comes to mind and that is the Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid.

Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

The Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid is not your typical blackheads remover, it does more than your average soap. It is more powerful than most exfoliants, and it contains hard to find ingredients. There is a reason why the Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid is leading on Amazon as one of the most shopped items in the world.

It contains willow bark water that contains salicylic acid that makes the skin smoother. It also has organic alcohol that penetrates the skin better. The Cosrx bha blackhead power liquid also contains deep penetration enhancers that make your skin glow. Not to mention the components are natural and include a derivative of sugar beets that make it really friendly on the skin and less drying. Believe me, your boyfriend will thank you for it, although men don’t admit it, they also want to improve their appearance and want to look more presentable at work and in social situations.  Having smoother looking skin increases a person’s appeal, I mean who would not want that?

There are so many male skin care products out there in local stores and malls but it does not mean that they are the best. While they are well advertised, the components are questionable, most products that are sold in nearby stores and shopping malls are not up to the standard. This is why countless focused and beauty experts stick to Amazon reviews and to see how much they are missing. Amazon Reviews are here to help people discern which products can reall work their magic. With the case of blackheads removal, several products come in mind, and this is one of the most powerful additions in your beauty kit, not to mention a new way to connect with the man you love. So go out there, test the product, have the talk with your boyfriend and help him solve a secret problem of his, that he will never tell you- Blackheads!

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