Why Luxury Brands like Chanel Finally Have Presence Online?

The answer is short and simple. Even the Ultra Rich are using Social Media, to escape social media nowadays, to not have a brand page or Instagram page updating loyal customers and potential clients- mean your brand does not exist.

Everyone is on Social media, even luxury buyers- in 2018 McKinsey research reported that almost 80& of luxury sales are now influenced online. Luxury brands no matter how affluent or expensive they are can no longer shun digital media. Clearly the rich are now being influenced by online digital ads and digital marketing is now influencing luxury purchase.

In countries like China and the Philippines, everyone at some point has registered in in online platform of choice and spend 3 hours to 12 hours every day browsing videos and content. It would only make sense that what people read and see online are the ones that would be projected in actual sales. Digital marketing is now one of the most important marketing tool in the world. While brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci thrive on exclusivity, it now makes perfect sense to make social media an ally instead of an enemy.

This is because there are still a number of ways they can express themselves, and continue their branding without losing touch with historical roots. The internet offers different ways to present a product, combined with the help of content creators and graphic designers as well as video creators the proper luxury marketing ad online can be created. Social media is first and foremost about brand awareness and perception. This is why brands like Chanel found digital channels like YouTube and Instagram as the perfect way to let their brand legacy continue. After all, if everyone is already shopping online and only a few people are already walking past expensive shops then a full online marketing strategy is already needed-

Internet as a Platform for Experience

Thanks to the creativity of the millennial’s, the internet has become a place to feel and experience things. Luxury brands can remain true to their brand and create deeper and meaningful content that would resonate to their clientele when online. Chanel is one of the luxury brands that opened itself to online marketing. It has created a YouTube page and the Chanel creative team uploaded the History of Chanel, along with other engaging video content depicts how Chanel wants to be seen and interpreted by the new generation.

The unique and personal touch of Chanel wasn’t lost online, in fact their online presence both in Instagram and YouTube enhances the way the customer perceived them- through effective and revolutionary story telling.

The emotional benefits of what it means to use a luxury brand is not lost in the online strategy by creating a tailor fit content. An in-house creative team was formed to handle the needs of Chanel, a team of digital marketing experts and social media branding experts were assigned to take care of the entire look and feel of Chanel.

Understand Customers and Gain Immediate Feedback

Traditional media like magazines and Television cannot create a feedback portal for brands. There is no way for brands to understand the current mood and feel of target clients. But thanks to online marketing, it is now easier to gather information to create an much more effective content strategy that clients will love. Social media channels serve as data collectors, the comments of loyal clients and new clients looking up the brand builds a detailed picture of the usual customer’s online persona. Luxury brands who have jumped into digital marketing and e-commerce now have a better understanding of who the customer they are dealing with. Once information is analysed the social media advertising team can produce a much more specific content-

Sothyal Influencer Platform

An upcoming Influencer Platform in Asia was tailor fit and customized to cater to luxury brands. Sothyal is Asia’s premier Influencer Marketing Agency that connects advertisers from all industry segments to diverse and multicultural influencers. Sothyal works with affiliates, agencies, brands, and various businesses worldwide.

Sothyal is a portmanteau of Spanish “social” and the Filipino spelling of Castilian accent. In the Philippines, it refers to upscale fashion. Labeled as the first Europe of Asia and the first America of Asia in terms of lifestyle and fashion of the ruling elite, the Philippines maintains classic luxury lifestyle among the country’s old and established families whose wealth has been passed down through generations.

And with the newly rich individuals whose wealth is derived from establishing new businesses and expanding their empires, luxury fashion is becoming more mainstream among the nouveau riche not only in the Philippines but also in every corner of Asia, particularly in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Japan, South Korea, and Brunei.

With the demand for expensive clothing to high-end skin care and luxury services inspired by European and American elite, the number of businesses offering luxury products and services to Asian market is increasing rapidly. And the skyrocketing of vendors results in tough market competition.

Sothyal helps businesses to target customers accurately through diverse and multicultural influencers that strategically engage with their followers using proven methods implemented by Agency’s digital marketing, advertising, online reputation management, and public relations strategists.

Luxury Brand Partnerships

People respond to authentic content and influencers. This is why brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton even top luxury hotels like Raffles are already partnering up with digital content creators,vloggers and people with high number of following and online credibility. Unlike television, where celebrities are just asked to endorse a certain product and get paid. Online influencer marketing is an entirely different thing. People need to believe the one who is posting the product, it needs to reflect who they truly are in real life. For this reason, luxury brands are now in partnership with online influencers and celebrities that made a name for themselves by creating authentic content.

Luxury brands make use of the help of Influencer platforms to help them understand who is the right fit and role model online for their brand. Influencer platforms like Sothyal have the ability to gauge the influence of a person in a certain community as well as the credibility of an individual or group to carry a product.

To be able to present a luxury brand, the online influencer must understand the brand’s voice, they should also enable genuine audience interaction so that the marketing of the brand can be done correctly.

While the opportunities for brands in digital are seemingly endless, we believe the three topics identified above are particularly important for any luxury brand looking to embrace digital, regardless of size, history or ambitions. Above all, it is imperative that technology and its impact becomes more central to luxury brands.

Brick and Mortar shopping is here to stay, customers of luxury brands would still want to go to an actual boutique store or a department store at some point. Physical stores are not going away- at least not just yet since they are a core of the retail experience. But luxury brands are leveling up and defining who they are online. With the use of different social media channels or omni-channel to cater to a wider number of audience. Tech innovations and the age of Artificial intelligence is upon us- it only makes sense to build a noteworthy presence online.

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About the Author:

Kali Alaia is the Deputy CEO of Alta Gift Basket and is a Luxury Marketing Online Consultant.

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