Why Korean Men Are Spending More On Skin Care ? | Beauty Revolution

Men get pimples and suffer from skin dryness too- that is the most basic way to answer this question. And the next point is, why shouldn’t they? If there are skin care products out there that could improve your appearance and make you look better, it makes no sense to try them right?

We are way past the age of machismo, and traditions have changed- what was once available only to men can already be accessed by women, if women in Saudi Arabia are already driving, I don’t see why Men in Korea should be behind the times?

And frankly, looking good and having glamorous skin pays well, proves to boost a person’s mood and total well-being so yes why shouldn’t Korean men be into the Beauty Revolution.

Actor Park Seo-Joon is just one of the many Korean celebrity endorsers of top skin care produces like Laneige, over the years luxury brands have popped up in the market and have a strong following. Top Skin Care products on Amazon like Aztec Indian Healing Clay have had a resurgence, with over 19,000 verified reviews it will come as no wonder that more and more men and women are into the beauty movement. Wishing for clearer skin and using products like Elemis Pro-Collagen  Marine Cream for fighting wrinkles and even the use of healthy essential oils like Aniseed Healing Solutions Therapeutic Solutions have become commonplace.

Korean Men are not afraid to be into skin care products and are spending more to improve appearance, to have healthy looking skin is an investment. To look clean and appear fresh is also a part of natural hygiene that should not and must not be limited to women. Korean celebrities have created an entire cult following when it comes to skin care and is successful in making skin care a must have for men.

Well- Groomed and Fresh Looking Are now A thing

In the past, men who use products like facial creams or Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay purchased on Amazon might seem well weird, but thanks to the Korean Celebrity influencers, internet tutorials and easier access to online skin care products. Men are now opening up to skin care creams, even the expensive ones.  An image is an immense part in any culture, and for Asian men, this is no different.

Men who want to appear more good-looking, and who want to be seen in a good light, or men who just want to feel good about themselves can now get skin care products, some have even tried Botox injection and stem cell procedures themselves, including hair transplants to fight baldness.

Korean men are no longer just after the aftershave, lotion, and the typical cologne. They are also now very well informed about anti-aging products including that of healing clay masks and mists including expensive Elemis creams.

This trend is highly influenced by the culture, and decision making of the people in Korea. Employers anywhere in the world are most likely to hire, candidates who come from excellent universities and who also look good- in Korea everything is about appearance- well, in fact anywhere in the world.

Men buy expensive facial creams and invest on them, and they are also very willing to try on any new product, because looking good, and boosting a person’s appeal can directly correlate to a higher salary and of course better chances of getting a mate.

A typical Korean business executive, in their 30s and even 50s already have their skin care and beauty regimen in Korea, and this could include using Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, L’Occitane, Elemis Facial creams or any expensive skin care cream in the market. Some men would also go as far as to get laser treatments to smooth out imperfections. When they groom, they feel better- and most men today who are into skin care don’t want to appear older than they are.






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