Why Managing Facebook Pages and Groups is no longer free

Big brands pay television networks millions for views, so why should you post and manage another person’s business for free on Facebook? The logic is simple if you are helping someone gain more views, attention and you are able to get people to talk about the brand, or even just view the product they have to offer- then you are already advertising the product and you are entitled to get paid.

This is what Social media management is all about, it is something that a lot of traditional companies don’t understand and have yet to understand. The Social media era has changed the advertising landscape, today big advertising companies and TV networks no longer own the entire advertising industry and anyone who is eager to earn and build their influence online can try their luck and earn good money- if they know how.

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest has created new jobs and it has the ability to help companies sell anything they want- unlike Television ads, the social media posts could be targeted, the campaigns could be planned out and the marketing materials are everywhere. Technology gives you the ability to increase the chances of your brand from getting noticed. In the past, we had no way of advertising a second-hand car that we want to sell, today if you are patient enough you can simply set up your own Car Enthusiast group on Facebook- add 500 to 10,000 members and become a certified Car dealer in no time.

Sharing a Facebook post, or product or creating an online review and sharing it with friends is spreading the word, it is marketing, it is offering a viable product that others can be interested from. Each time you like or post something you endorse it- you increase its influence and importance and the greater and skilled you are in doing online marketing the higher the price command.

Building groups, writing a blog for a product, a brand or a business is never free. Anything you write online can be tracked by Google and within just  a few month time could be indexed on Google searches- online marketing is already the norm and only a few people are relying on Television or radio ads to spread the word- so the next time your boss asks you to do  additional tasks online or asks you to handle the Facebook page of your company this is already considered as an additional task that they need to pay- an online campaign and creating a strategy is serious- it can make or break a company- if you are great at it- never do it for free.

Social Media management is a legitimate job, and people are paid good money to do it. Designing the marketing campaign, image and content of your company pages is valuable. It is already the face of the brand- and someone has to be good enough to handle it. There are some companies who still commit the mistake of allowing just about anyone to represent them online, this is a big NO. Allowing someone to handle your PR brand online without the proper training could be disastrous. One wrong post on Facebook could land you in jail or destroy your entire brand within just a few hours.

A long time ago, a post is just a post- and Facebook or Twitter was just about rants- today- the influence is real and the views are measured.

Burberry, for example, a Luxury Brand pay Social media influencers on Instagram to promote and wear their expensive line- Kardashians know how to fully maximize online.

This is why sharing and creating content on Facebook is never free. This is something that traditional companies don’t understand yet- the influential the marketer- the higher the gains- the number of followers, a number of content, blogs- and networks of a person matters- the number of groups and the strategy and Story created online has value.

If your friend recommends a restaurant online and you see if- you get curious and you try it yourself, Views lead to sales and creative content pulls in users- the Millenial customers are very different-

What is the Social Media Manager Salary in the Philippines?

Social media managers are responsible for facilitating social media tasks and communicating with customers and vendors to manage social media pages, profiles, and sites. They also use personal computers to write company statements and respond to questions, concerns, and inquiries. They serve as online assistants that will respond to clients as soon as possible.

Social media managers salary in the Philippines is around 30,000 php up to 250,000 depending on how good they are. They can easily increase their earnings by handling 2 or more companies.


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