Why do they add Vitamin C in facial creams and serums and does it really work?

What do medical researchers have to say about adding Vitamin C for skin formulations? Why do they always advertise Vitamin C as a good ingredient in facial serums and creams and is this ingredient really effective?

Vitamin C according to medical experts is a potent antioxidant drug that can be added to ointments and topical creams. It has been proven to help in treating hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C can be sourced out from plants and animals, but since not everyone is able to reach the required amount of vitamin C daily, it became necessary for pharmaceutical companies to add this in facial serums, facial creams, and cosmetics. They harness the goodness of Vitamin C from sources like citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, strawberries, papaya, and broccoli and then infuse it to skin care cosmetics including soap.

One of the most effective forms of Vitamin C is L-ascorbic acid, it is a chemically active form of Vitamin C that is mutually interchangeable and is usually added even in drinks. This type of Vitamin C could be absorbed by the gut. While dermatologists tend to use topical ascorbic acid as a way to treat common skin diseases like acne.

Vitamin C protects the Skin form Harsh UV rays

Advertisements about facial creams and lotions are always stating they contain Vitamin C and that it is effective for protecting the skin, but is there any truth in this?  Experts are confirming that skin care products that contain Vitamin C are actually effective in preventing the sin from getting damage. When the sun is exposed to UV light, the components of Vitamin C is the one that is used to protect the skin from oxidative stress. Vitamin C has the ability to neutralize the free radicals, thus preventing early signs of aging like wrinkles.

By adding Vitamin C as part of skin care creams ingredients, they are offering a way for the skin to remain protected. Vitamin C has the ability to help keep the collagen of the skin. Factors like UVA can cause skin aging and even melanoma formation as well as skin cancer. But using products that contain Vitamin C is one way to protect the skin on a long-term basis. Vitamin C is basically the one protecting the skin from further damage that could be caused by different factors.

What is the best Vitamin C Serum for Skin?

TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum is one of the best performing vitamin C Serum in the market. It has received thousands of positive review Truskin Naturals Vitamin C Serum contains collagen, botanical hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E. It is a highly trusted product due to the fact that it does not contain any additives or fragrance. It also does not contain a stabilizer. It only makes use of natural ingredients like Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, Botanical Hyaluronic Acid and organic Jojoba oil.


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