Why Do Celebrities like Avicii commit suicide?

In the light of famous DJ’s death Avicii, I could not help but answer the question a Facebook friend posted. Why do celebrities still kill themselves, they are famous and have lots of money? Isn’t that enough to live? While the question might sound insensitive, there are those who seriously cannot fathom why someone who has it all would want to end it.

This is for the simple reason- that we are not just physical beings, if it was just physical bodies that we have if it was just about eating, defecating, having sex, going to work, paying the bills then dying- then a famous person who ends their life might really sound illogical. But since man is not just made of physical matter, but also of the soul- these suicide caused by depression can be attributed to soul suffering. Once the soul suffers and is not able to make sense or meaning of their life- they decide to put their light out and leave this dimension.

Celebrities who kill themselves, usually understand that their life no longer belongs to them. They become a tool of the people around them, and the very thing that makes them feel alive is corrupted. A lot of musicians who end their lives, end up depressed because businesses own them, they cannot write or select the material they want, they cannot be authentic to themselves.

With fame, status, and influence comes restrictions- the mere fact that you cannot walk on the street without being bombarded by the public is a curse in itself. A lot of famous writers also took their lives, after reaching fame and notoriety because suddenly it felt empty- there was nothing to fight for anymore- and a lot of people would have a hard time understanding how it feels- only when you become seriously famous and the bills don’t matter anymore that you begin to ask what this life is all about-

While money is important, this is not the human essence, when you are a musician and you are controlled and manipulated by the people around you for their gain and for what you have- its easy to see why you will break down– only a strong connection with the Spiritual world-  and without a strong bond with the Divine things can go crazy and most of the time, they end up killing themselves.

It is about finding groundedness, your essence and not losing it. Your true purpose.

I can’t even compare my life with the fame of Avicii, but I can relate. I met so many famous people from 2015 until 2017 and it has not made me happy, in fact, it complicated a lot of things in my life and resulted to overburdening myself with work.

It came to a point, where I could no longer do what I want to do- which was to write, I love writing poetry, and philosophical texts but found myself writing more marketing materials- a lot of people entered my life just to make use of this talent- and influence- but was not really there to give me guidance and true meaning in life.

I used to have time to walk without worries over money- I used to be a strong pillar of support for friends who feel lost- I was a joyful person until my course was decided by someone else for me.

A lot of these influences just wanted to make money out of the ideas I gave and I felt dishonest to myself and my cause- I used to go up the mountains to dedicate my time to advocacies- I used to have time to plant trees and paint whenever I want- but with all the new networks and found influence- I found myself lost- it became too stressful, suffocating that I began to hate my daily meetings- it was not me at all. I am a writer- why am I not writing about the beautiful things in life anymore- I was merely a tool for another person’s plan for profit-

My life and writings should not be used for selfish agendas-

Which is why I took a step back, and dropped everything and spent doing things that I really love- the essential things to me. It is sad that Avicii was not able to find this tranquility, it is harder for people like them who are on top with a billion followers to make sense of the world.

What has kept me grounded is the relationship with the Divine Guidance that protects us all- there is a God, that bestows love and wisdom- and through the help of the Angel Michael I was able to find my way out of the dark- not everyone has this relationship, and even some that do can find it a bit harder to fight off the thoughts- But there is a definite way out of it.

Life is meant to be joyful, meaningful, abundant and with grace. Coming from someone like me, who has avoided so many suicidal thoughts- looking forward to the next dimension and realizing that I am Spirit and Soul has helped me remind myself of the real home that we are about to go to- in the right time.

For those who are struggling with Suicidal thoughts, please remember your real home- the Spiritual world and come home to the Father- not through Suicide, but by finding joy in this present life until we go back- at the right designated time.


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