What is Influencer Marketing? | Why It is the Next Big Thing

You might have heard this term already, but you are still wondering what it means and what does it really take to have a true and certified influential marketing. Marketing in the 21st century has drastically changed, and influential marketing is a recently developed technique to capture people in a more authentic way.

Influencer marketing is so much different than celebrities being identified with a product. Jennifer Aniston was identified with Aveeno when she endorsed it on television, while Catherine Zeta-Jones is known for endorsing skin care product Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream.

But influencer marketing is different, it is more than just posting a product that you are using on your Facebook account, it is more than just wearing a dress that you recently purchased and claiming that you look good in it with friends and using a certain hashtag for it. Influential marketing is more in-depth and entails deeper research as to how influence works.



Influencer marketing is about moving an entire community and generation of people to act,  or create using an idea and it takes a wider perspective to understand who can qualify as an influencer and who is simply marketing a product on their social media account.

One of the best examples of Influencer Marketing is when an Online influencer merge their identity or what they are known for with a brand. One of the most successful and nostalgic campaigns of 2018 is the one with Google and Macaulay Culkin the actor in the hit movie series Home Alone. Instead of using a traditional way of advertising and releasing a product, Google teamed up with an icon who is globally popular and has a specific niche to create an effective storyline that engages with the audience.

Influencer marketing is more on creating advertisements that would already resonate with the audience in an intelligent and strategic way. It has more impact and is largely directed by emotions, it is not just about selling a shampoo product, or creating misleading information to sell to the audience. Influencer marketing is about finding influencers and concepts in the modern era that could evoke the right emotions and feel for the brand.

Who is an Influencer?

An influencer is someone who has taken the effort and time to grow their audience in an authentic way. An influencer can be someone who is really good at playing a certain computer game and is able to give qualified reviews of a game in its simplest form. An influencer can also be someone in a town or community who has gained followers due to a certain community action that they have done. Influencers could be classified as local to international influencers and their messages are targeted instead of scattered. Unlike Celebrities who endorse on TV, influencers speak directly to a specific group or niche and they have earned the respect and trust of their followers over the course of time.

An influencer is not someone who just posts a sexy or pretty photo of themselves, while this type of marketing attracts views, it does not necessarily mean that a sexy lingerie model is a perfect influencer for a certain product.  Some brands commit the mistake of giving away free stuff or limited edition items to people who have huge following without gauging if the person is the right fit for the brand.  This could at times backfire, giving free items and products for a person to endorse on their social media account without reviewing if the influencers like is a perfect fit for the brand can do more damage than good-

A lot of brands commit the mistake of associating several products with people who have a high number of views, the trouble is that if the person is not committed to a certain lifestyle, and is not providing really valuable content- they cannot influence- they can only increase the number of views for a brand, but not necessarily inspire people to buy the product or believe in the product. Influencers are the ones who are capable of gaining viewer trust- and are perceived to be trustworthy and knowledgeable of a particular niche may it be about food, travel, science and technology, stock market and bonds, music, film criticism, theater and so much more.

Creative Pitch

Influencers are expected to provide a much more creative pitch or way of doing things. Influencer marketing is about selling a concept, without actually using any technique that will look like you are selling something. It is about challenging your mind to come up with ways to introduce a brand in a sleek, not so evasive kind of way. People are sick of reading and watching ads that directly sell items to them- influencer marketing is about creating a much more engaging way to sell an idea.

Brands track down and partner with influencers if they want to gain more authority, credibility and thoughtful leadership in the industry. Influencers are the ones that are synonymous to the brand itself. It is coming up with a content, a series of words, ideas, and emotions that the reader will get hooked on and believe in- rather than just random information they are presented with and would have them forget within a matter of days.  It is not simply saying that shampoo is used by a certain celebrity and that they should also follow. Rather, influencer marketing is telling them that a certain shampoo brand is willing to help them transform their lives- in a real and deeper way and that the product is also something that is good and transformative in society.

Where are Influencers most effective?

Influencers are very effective when you are trying to recruit people to attend a conference or event. They can provide an interesting perspective, and they make an event or conference feel more human rather than just an advertisement to forget. Influencers who post and talk about an upcoming event draw more attention. They bring in more awareness. Companies need to make sure to tap incredible people to talk about their event, if the event, for example, is about a new product launch that is related to the food industry- they can get cooking enthusiasts or hobbyists for food or an actual Chef to speak and invite people on the event.

Influencer marketing should always be paired up with content marketing, after releasing videos and posting status on social media. Companies need to make sure that they have a website link where people can read more on the event- Influencers are firestarters- they pique the interest of people and companies must learn to take full advantage of the awareness by bringing in more content for people to assess, read and learn from.

The key is to make the interactions online as natural as possible- Influencer marketing is a result of a generation of people who want a genuine and much more natural way of interaction.


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