Is the Age of Influencer Marketing Over?

Back in 2015 a lot brands believed in the power of Influencer marketing, after all it was the refreshing choice back then when we try to compare it with TV, Radio and Newspaper ads. Back then it seemed Online Influencers is the key to changing marketing as we know it. But we need to consider the fact that 4 years ago Influencers focused on content and informative guides, the first type of influencers succeeded because they invested on what kind of information to put out- and many of the Influencers that we love and still follow today did their projects out of love and not for marketing purposes. Today, we see so many claiming that they are Public Personalities, Influencers, the next Gary Vaynerchuk or the next Kylie Jenner.The problem is that, almost everyone is calling themselves influencers nowadays- which makes the power and image of influencer marketing less. Today, no matter how many views and likes a person posts doesn’t necessarily mean they are effective. Instagram has seen this decline and is now attempting to shift and re-brand the social media app by removing the Likes so Instagram can remain relevant and instead is gearing towards what we now call as Amplifier Marketing.

Many brands are now admitting this, we were not able to shift into the real meaning of Influencer marketing due to the wrong methods of marketing and influence targeting created. A lot of people tried to imitate the Kardashians- it meant taking so many scenic shots, so many Instagram worthy photos and super edited photos that it now feels inauthentic- we are slowly realizing that these individuals who call themselves as Influencers is in fact more of Amplifiers. Truth be told, Instagram became a replacement for the Playboy Magazine and we are subjected to the kinky photos and unnecessary swimsuit and bikini shots of people we don’t even know. All of a sudden the Facebook friends and Instagram feeds we follow now focus on giving us sexy images that we didn’t really ask for.

These kinds of posts cannot be deemed as Influential in the community- they seem more of the new kind of pornographic material that some people believe would give them attention. It hardly commands change nor action, and even influencers with over a million likes hardly sell anything-

Only the really strategic ones have graduated to Amplifier marketing. Amplifiers get the right image and message out there, to amplify the effect and to get more people asking what the product is- which is still good. Not as influential as we we want it to be, but it still helps start-up brands and relatively new companies to get attention using a targeted niche. What we have created instead is a system of Amplifiers that brands can still use. We just need to learn how to differentiate the Amplifiers vs. the Influencers and real movers and shakers in society. Amplifiers as termed by Gareth Davies VP Digital Strategy at MWWPR.

We need to differentiate the Attention Seekers, from the Amplifiers and Authentic Influencers for us to really create value in the Online World.

Let’s face it , the photos that are being posted no matter how good and picturesque hardly equates to influence. In fact, it is a form of shallow engagement. People tend to like good looking men and women, women in bikini and men showing their abs, but it doesn’t mean that this same person would be able to convince you to believe in something or act on something.

Today being able to generate a like for a specific brand you mentioned and talk about is a way to amplify and not necessarily to influence. So when brands contact people active on social media they are in fact requesting for people to get the word out there. Brands are paying for the time, effort and Social media space of someone who has more following compared with the others- and while it might not lead to sales, it will definitely help in the brand name recall.

Influencer Marketing then would only fall for people who are consistently putting out useful Guide and content. Influencer marketing is not dead, however there are only a selected group of people who can use this term and really get away with it. A real influencer is working on daily useful content. This includes a practical and useful guide that is not found anywhere else- a unique set of information or an advanced way of discussing a product or a service or an integral story in the community that will benefit the general public.

People are also realizing that they need to go back to Blogging and Establishing their very own secure website. A credible website loaded with information and has proper Search Engine Optimization is still considered one of the best ways to drive organic traffic that could be converted to actual sales. This is the reason why websites are called fruitful forms of investment especially in the age of Artificial intelligence.Content is still the best and most effective way to get people to trust your brand. For example, single mothers who share their personal stories and tips on how they raised their children is considered a part of real Influencer Marketing. A Facebook Group for example who have dedicated moderators who post tips on how to perform the Keto Diet and how To transform your body step by step is the meaning of real influence. It is the ability to maintain a community who shares and help one another. A review website complete with in-depth information about certain products like mobile phones and reviews on laptops is still considered much more effective than any Instagram posting- because Google tends to index blogs. A well written guide on the Stock market will always provide more value more than any other fancy photo post on Instagram.

Artificial Intelligence gives value to written content, and not video content- the keywords that a blogger puts out is still the most effective way to make sure that brand is advertised on a global scale. A well written blog will last for decades, and the longer the content stays the higher the ranking it will have on Google search which means unlimited leads for the brand written about. Videos come and go and hardly get indexed, but text remains forever.

Strategic use of keywords, credible website and building a loyal and real following is still the best. It is better to have 100 loyal readers rather than 30,000 people who do not really have any good information about the brand. The instagram aesthetic will only work if there is good story telling involved. Without the ability to tell a good story- any online campaign won’t work. People need to trust the person on social media and should think of them as someone wise and knowledgeable about their craft. So whatever product they are endorsing will sound effective and true.

Work With MicroInfluencers Instead

Before working with any online influencer, make sure that they are posting useful and consistent content that is well researched. You also need to make sure that they are trustworthy in the eyes of the audience. The image of the person endorsing is still important. Do not get online influencers just because they are posting indecent photos of them, or skimpy outfits- go for microinfluencers who are respected and trusted in the community instead. one of the best Influencer Marketing platforms in Asia is banking on using effective microinfluencers. Influencers who are focused on specific topic niche, who are experts on their category and who are engaging people per region so the marketing strategy will remain effective.

Get reliable people, Top Chefs, Entrepreneurs who have really done it. Credible people in society who know what they are talking about. Influencers should be well-informed and should have the power to educate and not merely entertain. has also studied the system and regions of the Philippines. Influence is very different in Asia. No matter how many good photos you post means nothing if you are not really connected with real influential people in business, government and the community. Therefore, Sothyal only works with premiere and selected influencers who really have a name in the Philippine society. It focused on tapping influencers that deliver the right stories because they have experienced it themselves. The brand is focused on tapping Entrepreneur Influencers and Sports Enthusiasts as well as names in the Culinary, Fashion, Music and Culture in the Arts Industry.

Sothyal Influencers connect advertisers to diverse and multicultural influencers in Asia. Sothyal works with affiliates, agencies, brands, and businesses worldwide.

Sothyal is Asia’s premier Influencer Marketing Agency that connects advertisers from all industry segments to diverse and multicultural influencers. Sothyal works with affiliates, agencies, brands, and various businesses worldwide.

Sothyal is a portmanteau of Spanish “social” and the Filipino spelling of Castilian accent. In the Philippines, it refers to upscale fashion. Labeled as the first Europe of Asia and the first America of Asia in terms of lifestyle and fashion of the ruling elite, the Philippines maintains classic luxury lifestyle among the country’s old and established families whose wealth has been passed down through generations.

And with the newly rich individuals whose wealth is derived from establishing new businesses and expanding their empires, luxury fashion is becoming more mainstream among the nouveau riche not only in the Philippines but also in every corner of Asia, particularly in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Japan, South Korea, and Brunei.

With the demand for expensive clothing to high-end skin care and luxury services inspired by European and American elite, the number of businesses offering luxury products and services to Asian market is increasing rapidly. And the skyrocketing of vendors results in tough market competition.

Sothyal helps businesses to target customers accurately through diverse and multicultural influencers that strategically engage with their followers using proven methods implemented by Agency’s digital marketing, advertising, online reputation management, and public relations strategists.

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