Kobe Bryant, Stem Cells and the Road to Becoming Superhuman

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Bryant is deemed as one of the most important icons of our time, and for a good reason. He was able to excel in almost everything that he is doing in life and is the definition of what a Superhuman should be.

At the age of 41, Kobe Bryant showed no signs of stopping. Even after retiring in the NBA he remained vibrant and fierce, even co-writing books and poetry eventually winning the Oscar-winning short ” Dear Basketball“.

 Kobe by Johnny Silva
Kobe by Johnny Silva

Kobe Bryant was interested in various pursuits, not just sports. His mind worked differently, his pursuits were so diverse that he even included himself in creating animated films. Bryant was the one who approached former Disney animator Glen Keane after seeing his film ” Duet” and in an interview in 2017 said, ” Animation can capture the emotion in the story in a much more compelling, visual way than live-action”.

Not only that, but Kobe Bryant also co-designed many famous sneakers that we use today. He didn’t simply endorse Nike, he also worked with upgrading the sneaker designs and introduced innovations.

Black Mamba by Onur Er
Black Mamba by Onur Er

In many ways, Bryant appears to us as a Superhuman- who looked better and achieved more even after retirement. Which makes us beg the question of how Kobe Bryant was able to do all of this?

How can one individual be able to accomplish so much in one lifetime? Some were even quick to note that Kobe Bryant hardly sleeps due to his work commitments, business, and responsibilities with his family. Despite being a global star and a billionaire at that, he still manages to do the carpooling for his daughters and picked them up in school, even actively training Gianna Bryant for the WNBA.

Kobe Bryant wasn’t just a five-time NBA champion, a two-time Finals MVP, a 15-time member of the all-NBA team, a 12 time all defensive choice. His interest is far more complex and vast, he had the ability to multi-task and excel while doing so. Apart from being known as a tireless gym-rat with a supreme work ethic, he is also well-loved and emulated and admired by famous celebrities and successful entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs.

Kobe Bryant spoke different languages, was an immensely successful entrepreneur, a doting father with a billion-dollar net worth. While he was still alive, Bryant created a production house that delved into movies and documentaries, including podcasts and books. His numerous endeavors earned him the name The Black Mamba.

Did Kobe Bryant have some advanced special genes? Was he out of this world? or did Kobe Bryant use science and technology to bring the best out of his mind and his potential?

Kobe Bryant is a figure that people connected with immortality and vitality. He seemed bigger than life, from his competitive spirit to how he found solutions in everyday life.

He was fearless and an alpha male- he was mythical at some point due to his impressive attention to detail and zest for life. He is synonymous with doing everything that you can and was the aspirational athlete. People, who are interested in his life, and achieving more would normally wonder then if Kobe Bryant had always been like that? But over the years, would tell us that Kobe Bryant was a work in progress.

His passion for animation, films, podcasts and writing books came after his retirement. It was a process and combination of everything, as a human being he wasn’t faultless or without sin or imperfections. He had his own series of life mishaps and scandals, but he took this all in stride and learned from it. Kobe Bryant used a holistic approach to life, even using scientific advancements like Stem Cell Therapy to rejuvenate his body, mind, and spirit, enabling him to accomplish more at the age of 30.

Kobe Bryant, Stem Cell Therapy and the Road to Becoming Superhuman

Kobe Bryant helped futuristic treatments like PRP therapy or platelet-rich plasma become a popular form of treatment. He is one of the high profile athletes who was first to take notice of the benefits of alternative treatments that are in line with Stem cell therapy. Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, Lebron James, and Alex Rodriquez are some of the biggest names to have recently traveled to Germany to get hold of biologic treatments in the form of PRP. Germany and California are at the forefront of revolutionary treatments.

Black Mamba https://gritdaily.com/the-house-mamba-built-bryant-more-than-athlete/

FGAAA ( Feeling Good At Any Age The One- Stop Rejuvenation Center) in California for one agree that platelet-rich plasma treatment offers faster healing for sports injuries. This is because the patient’s very own tissues are used to treat the injured cartilage, muscle and tendon.

In 2012, Kobe Bryant was asked by the press regarding why did he go to Germany? The basketball star did not shy away from the questions and answered frankly that he got PRP therapy so he can improve his playing ability on the court.

The biological treatment given to Kobe Bryant involved a process that helps heal cartilage, muscle including tendon injuries and helps the body combat the signs of aging- even reverse the symptoms. Stem Cell therapy is without a doubt the future of sports medicine and beyond.

Stem cell therapy experts and medical researchers have released scientific research and conducted numerous trials to prove the ability of these treatments to help with sports injuries and to counteract the effects of aging.

In the United States, the FDA regulations the manipulation of a person’s blood and stem cell products. It allows minimally manipulated products. This means, that clinics are allowed to centrifuge down blood and obtain PRP or harvest stem cells within a certain timeframe in the operating room or clinic. Current research strategies harvest one’s own stem cells or the adult progenitor cells, and isolate them and inject these cells back into the patient to help their body rejuvenate.

The German Regenokine process that was applied in Kobe Bryant is one of the contributing factors of his superhuman skills. It activated a natural-anti-inflammatory interleukin 1 receptor antagonist in his body. It was injected in his joints and helped in decreasing the swelling of his joints to stop the progression of osteoarthritis.

The Regenokine therapy itself is part of a larger category of treatments known as “biologic medicine,” in which the patient’s own tissues are extracted, carefully manipulated, and then reintroduced to the body.

President Donald Trump, Pope John Paul II, and Stem Cell Therapy

The interest in stem cell therapy and its rejuvenating ability continues to increase. There is a long line of famous people who have already experimented and tried about the numerous futuristic alternative treatments and that includes Ari Emanuel, the late Pope John Paul II, Fred Couples and President Donald Trump.

FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Donald Trump arrives for a photo opportunity with sheriffs from across the country on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, U.S., September 26, 2019. REUTERS/Erin Scott/File Photo

Many are interested in switching to stem cells because it doesn’t require surgery, or altering your body with a scalpel. It doesn’t even use a synthetic drug, instead, it focuses on harnessing the natural potential of your body to heal itself and that is through stem cells found within the human body.

Feeling Good At Any Age The One-Stop Rejuvenation Center

Feeling Good at Any Age the One-Stop Rejuvenation Center is one of the best in the field of stem cell therapy and immunotherapy. FGAAA provides advanced and revolutionary procedures like stem cell infusion, HGH, HRT including Reluma Cosmetics. 

Feeling Good at Any Age the One-Stop Rejuvenation Center makes use of a fresh batch of live stem cells during clinical procedures to repair damaged tissues and repair injuries of clients.  

New Breed of Homo Sapiens

Award-winning Author, actress, musician, producer and humanitarian Lourdes Duque Baron is a receiver of fresh billion stem cells herself, she is one of the living testimonies that Stem Cell-based therapy can help people sustain their momentum, energy and amazing zest for life.

73 is the New 33

At the age of 73, she is still relentless, super energetic and able to multi-task, on top of that she looks amazing with her flawless skin and well-toned legs. Many will say how can this be? How is it possible for a 73-year old to look this great while breaking barriers and achieving more each year?

Lourdes Duque Baron during a photoshoot taken July 26, 2019 — she was 72.

“I am living proof that stem cell based therapy really works.” Elucidating how this was the spark that brought about the idea to write, New Breed of Homo Sapiens.

Lourdes Duque Baron

Her new book New Breed of Homo Sapiens is part of the mission to educate the world of futuristic treatments.

Lourdes Duque Baron has experienced the changes herself, she is able to feel energetic, inspired and has amazing memory skills and love for life because of stem cell therapy.

Lourdes Duque Baron photoshoot in California back in 2019- she was 72

She had to find a way to tell the story of how Stem Cell Therapy transformed her life- using a simple and concise manner of writing that will be beneficial to readers from all walks of life.

Stem Cell therapy is not about immortality- rather it is about maximizing the time given to you by God. Each of us has been given time on earth, and it is our duty to make the most out of it.

Kobe Bryant for one might have died early due to a helicopter crash, but one thing is for sure, he was able to enjoy life immensely and finish larger than life projects. Stem Cell therapy treatments that he availed of, improved his mind and allowed him to do diverse projects.

Lourdes Duque Baron wants others to experience this as well. To show that the signs of aging could be reversed, there is a way to help combat diseases and stagnation of the mind. She believes that Stem Cell Therapy is a gift that was given to humanity- and we should take the time to learn and maximize this.

“I want my readers to fully understand and grasp the importance of this medical breakthrough,” she said. “We are talking about the future generations and the new breed of humans, and I want to bring the knowledge to the public’s doorstep,” she added.

Lourdes Duque Baron

Baron has studied tirelessly to research and promote advances in stem cell research.

“We need to do more… “Let’s continue to take risks. Let’s tackle the issues. In ways, our music and film communities can do it better than anyone else. There is no challenge, artistic or otherwise, that we can’t meet”.

Lourdes Duque Baron

Listen to her amazing voice at 73! A product of Stem Cell therapy!




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