What are the Signs and Symptoms of Someone who has Lupus?

Lupus is not easy to detect this is due to the fact that Lupus has common symptoms. Some of the early signs and symptoms of Lupus would include joint pain, frequent headaches, fatigue, swelling in the body and fever. These signs and symptoms are very common for other illnesses too. This is the reason why several tests have to be undertaken before one could determine if they are really suffering from Lupus.
Lupus is a disease that mainly attacks a person’s immune system and the most common form is called Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. The symptoms would vary from one person to the other, a person with a much healthier lifestyle and mindset could live longer despite having the disease inside their body.

What Could be the Best indicator of someone suffering from Lupus?

One of the early signs to look out for when you suspect Lupus is a photosensitive rash. A rash that suddenly develops after a sun exposure specifically on the upper arms and on the face, this could be accompanied by a sudden fever, pain, and swelling including stiffness of multiple joints.  Lupus attacks the immune system and some of the symptoms are not easy to see. Some patients who have Lupus can suffer from inflammation of their kidneys called Lupus Nephritis.

Lupus Rash

Most patients suffering from Lupus get a form of rash according to the medical experts of the Lupus Foundation of America. The rash tends to get worse when exposed to the sun and even on artificial light and the rash could lead to red lesions. It can look scaly but does not necessarily mean that the rash will be painful.

Another sign of Lupus is fatigue, if you suddenly feel easily tired for no reason, and you have pangs of depression and anxiety attack and you start having problems with sleep then this could be an indicator that you are suffering from Lupus. Fatigue can be accompanied by fever, sore and stiff joints that affect the hands, elbows, ankle, and toes.

Some patients who suffer from Lupus can also notice a loss of color in their fingers and toes, at times the finger and toes could turn blue and then red. Lupus symptoms would also be accompanied by headaches, severe migraine due to the inflammation of the blood vessels. As the immune system weakens, a person with Lupus will also begin to experience hair loss, mouth sores, and herpes. Many affected by the disease lose their hair permanently.
As the disease progresses, it can lead to other complications like Lupus Nephritis where a patient is susceptible to developing the end-stage renal disease that will require them to undergo dialysis or transplant.
Without immediate care and attention, the weakening of the immune system can lead to anemia or low blood count and lead to the body to go even weaker.

Natural Cure for Lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune disease, which means that if a person strengthens their mind and body there is a way around it. One of the natural cure for Lupus is Turmeric, the curcumin in turmeric can fight off the symptoms of Lupus. By adding one teaspoon of turmeric to milk and by heating it and adding honey, much can be done to cleanse the body and make it energetic again.

Regenerative Medicine

For people looking for highly advanced treatment for Lupus, checking into the current advancements and treatments like Stem Cell Therapy is one of the best choices.

Lupus and Stem Cell therapy is carefully being studied, the Lupus Foundation of America is spending over $3.8 million in funding to study mesenchymal stem cells as a treatment for Lupus. The research is being undertaken by the Medical University of South Carolina.

Stem Cell Clinics in California like the Feeling Good At Any Age The One Stop Rejuvenation Center with CEO Lourdes Duque Baron is also on the forefront of stem cell therapy. The founders believe that stem cell therapy can provide long term healing for people affected by Lupus.  Instead of relying on medications like steroids that contain harmful effects, stem cell therapy can be used instead. A significant number of clinical trials have already proven the immense healing effects of stem cell therapy on a number of diseases including HIV and Kidney Diseases. A lot of ailments are already being cured with the help of advanced stem cell therapy solutions.

Do You want to Learn More about Stem Cell Therapy?

The best way is to consult medical experts, doctors will explain the factors that are behind the stem cell transplantation process. Doctors would need to check your overall health, your age and medical condition as well as the availability of donor before proceeding.

Feeling Good At Any Age The One-Stop Rejuvenation Center in California is one of the leading stem cell clinics in the world. For further consultation and updated treatments that focus on the use of stem cells.

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