What are the Early Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease? | Stem Cell Therapy

Parkinson’s Disease is a form of neurological movement disorders as defined by the National Institute of Health or NIH. The early signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease would include:
  • Tremor in the finger, hand or foot
  • Uncontrollable movements while a person is sleeping
  • Limb stiffness or slow movement
  • Voice Changes
  • A person’s handwriting changes
  • Rigid facial expression
  • Stooped posture

Engineered Stem Cells The Future Cure for Parkinson’s Disease

Medical experts have discovered that cutting or removing a gene linked to Parkinson’s disease can protect the body against the formation of toxic protein clumps inside the brain cells.  This discovery is huge and will affect the creation of next-generation cell-based therapies.

Stem Cell therapy involves the process of injecting healthy cells into a persons brain regions that are affected by a particular disease. Researchers are now putting their hopes in curing Parkinson’s disease using stem cell therapy, by relieving the motor symptoms to solve the tremor and balance issues of the body.

In a study released by the European Journal of Neuroscience as funded by the U.K Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology or UCB, they have observed the mutations in the SNCA gene that is said to cause Parkinson’s disease. This condition is characterized by selective death of midbrain dopamine-producing neurons due to a clustering of a protein named alpha-synuclein, or what they would also call as Lewy bodies.

In the study, they were able to prove that transplantation of dopamine-producing neurons is useful in managing the disease. The treatment can restore dopamine levels of the affected brain and provide relief from symptoms. Gene editing tool along with the power of stem cell therapy are the ones being used to find the cure for problematic cells for people with Parkinson’s disease. Using stem cells they produced dopamine-producing neurons and treated the gene that is causing the formation of Parkinson’s disease.

The recent research studies have given positive results, it is leading to exciting discoveries to emerging treatments for regenerative medicine. Stem cell therapy is finding a way to shield the human body cells from Parkinson’s molecular changes and this discovery will lead to further developments of cell therapies that will eventually divert the negative effect of Parkinson’s disease and eventually cure it and eliminate Parkinson’s disease in the future.

Major Breakthrough for Parkinson’s Disease

According to other clinical studies that are also being undertaken regarding stem cells in relation to Parkinson’s disease, it is indeed possible to make dopamine cells using embryonic stem cells and then transplant them back into the brain, replacing the diseased or damaged cells. Clinicians have already succeeded in doing this with laboratory rats.

It is now possible to make dopamine cells from human embryonic stem cells, creating a new treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Human embryonic stem cells are showing great developments as seen through a breakthrough study that was conducted by the Lund University in Sweden.

Researchers were able to prove that it is possible to get human embryonic stem cells to create a new generation of dopamine cells that act like native dopamine cells, they have successfully done with the brains of a rat. According to of the lead researcher Malin Parmar, associate professor in Lund’s  Department of Medicine in their findings that were released in the journal Stem Cell.

The new cells that are installed using this process contain properties and functions that are lost when a person suffers from Parkinson’s disease, not only that through this technology that can already create an unlimited supply of stem cell lines that opens more uses and opportunities for stem cell therapy. The next step for medical researchers is to create the same cells that could be used by humans.

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