What are the Early Signs and Symptoms of Leukemia?

There are different types and form of Leukemia, it is cancer that spreads inside the body and infects the blood-forming tissues including the lymphatic system and a person’s bone marrow.  There are types of leukemia that affect children and the ones that target adults.  When a person has Leukemia their immune system is low, and their ability to fight infection is hampered. A person’s white body cells do not function very well, leading them to suffer different types of signs and symptoms of Leukemia.

Symptoms of Leukemia

Leukemia signs and symptoms may vary from time to time but here are some of the most common indication that Leukemia is present inside the body:
  • Recurring fatigue and feeling of weakness
  • Frequent or severe infections
  • Fever or chills
  • Losing weight even if the person is not trying
  • Enlarged liver or spleen
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Easy bleeding or bruising
  • Nosebleeds that recure
  • Tiny red spots on the skin
  • Excessive sweating or night sweats
  • Bone pain or tenderness

In children, the signs and symptoms of Leukemia are when they suddenly lose the appetite to eat for no specific reason. The appearance of a limp and expressing frequent recurring pain could also be a sign that Leukemia is spreading in the body. Frequent headaches, dizziness, nausea, visual changes, and vomiting could also happen since leukemia cells can invade the surrounding brain of a person and spinal cord.

The best way to know if a person has Leukemia is to get tested, it is of utmost importance to see a doctor when symptoms start to develop.

What is the Current Treatment for Leukemia?

Faith and the proper mindset is still the best way to combat any type of disease.  The need to pray and believe that solutions are out there can do wonders. The fight for Leukemia is a long journey but there is a way o heal the body. Ask for healing from the Lord and do not have any doubts. There are current treatments in the hospital made available to man and natural healing and rejuvenating treatments that you can avail of.

Eating the right food, being mindful of your thoughts and pursuing happy and engaging activities can help the body tremendously. Eating and combining ground flax seeds, organic blueberries, drinking organic green tea and other organic and herbal food has helped a lot of people dissolve many of the signs and symptoms of Leukemia.

Leukemia and Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is one of the alternative treatments that people suffering from Leukemia can try. Stem Cell therapy is usually advised to lessen the chances of a relapse, in some cases if done correctly and with efficient stem cell clinics, it can even cure the disease. Chemotherapy alone can no longer cure the disease and using alternative treatments like stem cell therapy is something that people can try.  Chemotherapy has varying rates of success, because of that a lot of patients with Leukemia are now trying stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy is more effective than chemotherapy ins some children and adults, who are on their first remission from the disease. There is now a lot of convincing stem cell clinic trials that can attest to this.

The best way to understand how Stem Cell Therapy can help you is to consult the experts.

Do You want to Learn More about Stem Cell Therapy?

The best way is to consult medical experts, doctors will explain the factors that are behind the stem cell transplantation process. Doctors would need to check your overall health, your age and medical condition as well as the availability of donor before proceeding.

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