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Since the pandemic Covid19 happened, getting access to doctors and healthcare professionals has been very hard. Going for a check-up with your local physician or a specialist might even prove to be next to impossible. The cure for Covid19 has yet to be discovered, there is also new research claiming that the Corona Virus is evolving. This means that the new normal for people who want to get hold of their doctors is through video chat.

To ease the worries of patients all over the world, a physician-led, global virtual healthcare organization in Canada has started an initiative to create a platform that would offer the best healthcare professionals together as a virtual team. 

The goal is to take the healthcare industry into the digital age. To maximize the use of technology to provide patients with timely care and strategic consultations vital to their health. 

Outpost Health started with the mission of providing virtual care in 2014 through founding Canadian American Physicians to increase access to care for remote communities in Canada and Haiti. Outpost Health has since evolved into a growing global network of Doctors and allied healthcare providers.

How Does It Work?

Outpost Health is already offering a one-on-one patient-centered virtual healthcare. The virtual healthcare system gives patients access to medical experts, from doctors, nurses, pharmacists, wellness practitioners, and mental health providers.

This means that you can already do a video consultation with a doctor. The process is easy to set-up, and the system provides clear video and audio. Best of all, the process is fast. Instead of waiting inside a clinic with long lines and risking yourself, or spending additional time traveling just to get a consultation you can easily book an online consultation with a trusted healthcare provider using the healthcare app.

Best of all, you get to access your medical records whenever you need them.

Safe Online Community

You can also belong to a community of people you can talk to in a safe and anonymous place regarding your pressing health questions.

Since its launching users from different parts of the world have positive feedback, many users comment that the Healthcare app gives them a feeling of security and control over their health. Doctors online give them comforting words and patients are diagnosed right away. The healthcare app gives relief from anxieties and provides immediate and reliable information that cannot be easily found elsewhere.

Secure Recording and Storage of Personal Health Data 

Outpost Health knows the value of data privacy and strictly follows rules and regulations that will secure the health records of each patient. Users have full control and access to the data-driven health tools provided to them. Outpost Health makes use of advanced technology that guarantees the security of all data stored inside the system. They will never share, sell, rent, or trade your personally identifiable information for any purpose. 

One of the Best Disruptive Startups of Today

The new virtual healthcare platform by Outpost Health was recently selected as of the top 9 finalists for amazing innovators.

From UNWTO, it is considered as one of the best disruptive startups in the world today, with existing technologies that are ready to implement solutions. 1,183 projects over 100 countries were received and evaluated by an expert committee, and the virtual healthcare platform by Outpost Health was recognized as one of the best and deemed as a valuable tourism innovation system. 

The virtual healthcare system was already launched in Nigeria and residents in Regina, Saskatchewan can use it for free. Outpost Healthcare App plans to expand in many more countries including countries in Asia.

Outpost Healthcare App Free to All Healthcare Providers

The innovative healthcare app is Free for all Healthcare providers on a global scale for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic. It will help healthcare workers to give care and attention to patients without risking their lives with face to face consultation. It will also give the patients the ability to seek the right information they need while inside their homes. 

The Healthcare App is HIPPA-compliant, it is guaranteed secure for a digital platform. Apart from being effective to use for video consultations, it has added features like periodic data analytics that equips healthcare providers’ vital information. 

The registration process is simple, it will just take less than 5 minutes. The healthcare app is easy to understand and highly beneficial. 

To join go to this link:

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