Flora Danica| The Most Expensive Dinnerware for Aristocrats

For avid collectors and elites having fine crockery and dinnerware sets is an absolute part of the lifestyle. What is the use of decadent looking food if you cannot present them in the most elegant way you know? Larger than life designers have always known that fine dining and the antics that go along with it would always be a part of human culture.

One of the most decadent pieces up to date that can be purchased online is Versace Home Plates. Versace Home Plates is part of the long-standing culture of the elite and stylish to decorate their kitchen with unique choices of plates that come in different shapes and sizes. This dinnerware sets whether fine bone china or porcelain has the ability to create the most luxurious mood.

Using fine crockery and dinner plates bring a psychological effect to dining habits, it makes people who use them feel special. For some reason, the dishes that are served using expensive dinnerware taste better. Perhaps this is the reason why luxury hotels usually serve fancy dishes along with lavish cutlery.

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The most lavish and expensive dinnerware that we see nowadays were crafted out of love for beauty and art. A lot of careful thought went into them. One one the most expensive dinnerware in the world is Flora Danica produced by Royal Copenhagen.

Idealistic and Tough ( Catherine the Great of Russia)

Catherine the Great of Russia is often associated with the creation of some of the most love crockery and fine dinnerware sets that we have today. Once a poor German princess, she became an absolute ruler of the largest empire of the world and began to expand Russia into the Black Sea and Crimea.

Catherine the Great was a real patron of the arts, and many contemporaries are awed by her elegance and royalty. It is said that Queen Marie Antoinette nor Voltaire won’t be able to equal her taste and majesty. Apart from being a patron of the arts, she is also a philosopher and admired both by men and women during her time. The highly luxurious St. Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum in Russia was, in fact, a part of her personal art collection.

Our idea of luxury and intricate crockery and dinnerware sets are in fact inspired by this personal collection by Catherine the Great. The Hermitage in Russia currently owns 2.7 million exhibits and a diverse range of art and artifacts including the ones that come from Ancient Egypt and early 20th Century Europe.

Fine dinnerware sets and dining etiquette, as well as the intricate and lavish lifestyle that the Royals and elites practice today, was also inspired by the life and works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Titian. The designs for fine china and England teacups and vases were taken from the essence of Renoir, Manet, Monet, Pissarro Cezanne, and Van Gogh. If you are an avid lover and patron of the arts, then it should also follow that you must have your very own personal collection of fine dishes, plates, vases, and teacups.

History of the Most Expensive Dinnerware set in the World

During the time of Catherine, the Great only the royals and aristocrats use hard-paste porcelain. It was very precious during the 18th Century Europe, and the dinnerware sets that they produce are whiter and stronger than what we have right now. All the major royal families of Europe that their own set of porcelain factories and this includes Meissen, Limoges, and Sevres. Catherine the Great had so much love for porcelain, that she turned the Russian porcelain factory in St. Petersburg to the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory.

According to history, the Danes came up with a plan to create the world’s finest collection of porcelain, it had to be so amazing that Catherine the Great can forgive them for not helping Russia during the war. The Danish Royals called Royal Copenhagen and chief designer Johann Christoph Bayer designed an intricate dinnerware collection of 1, 802 pieces using only the finest porcelain that was rimmed in gold. To make the pieces stand out, they also included delicate flower buds that were carved by hand.

Hand-painting Flora Danica dinnerware

The Flora Danica dinnerware remains as one of the finest and most elegant pieces of dinnerware set available to man. One dinner plate can cost $900.

Flora Danica Plates

Unfortunately, Catherine the Great died suddenly of a stroke and the Danish weren’t able to give the gifts to her. As a result, they decided to keep and protect it from Catherine the Great’s successor. It was instead kept at the Danish Royal Palace where it was used for celebrations like the birthday of King Christian VII in 1803, ladened with splendid Rococo-style Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen.

The salon of Queen Louise of Denmark in the Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen. Six of the children of Queen Louise and King Christian IX (1863-1906)

The Flora Danica is an interesting historical piece and regarded as one of the most original dinnerware collection to be created in the Golden Age of Porcelain. This fine dinnerware set has been collected by Oprah, Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece and the Kennedy Family. This piece is continuously created by way of a special order by a factory in Denmark.

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