Home Made Customized Fondant Cakes in Manila

It is a well known fact that Asians love their sweets, in every festival, wedding, birthdays, debut, baptismal, corporate we want to serve cakes as a way of making any event festive. The first cake was theorized to have existed as a part of the Viking tradition, or from the Old Norse.

Traditional cakes are made with flour confection, sweetened sugar, and honey. Mixed with eggs, milk and fat. The first cake served by humans contains porous texture and contained less amount of sugar than what we currently have now. Humans first invented bread, and then it progressed to crafting biscuits and buns until we were able to craft the traditional birthday and wedding cakes. Today due to modern inventions and heightened creative due to the increase of information the need for intricate and customized cakes increased. The advances in baking tools and new ingredients enabled bakers to craft wonderful and superb customized cakes to satisfy the imagination.

Due to the popularity of Western designed cakes, Asians began to adapt and innovate cakes. Sponge cakes became intricate, in the past the average Filipino home would serve a simple chocolate or vanilla cake for parties and gatherings. In the 80’s people became even more festive and added creativity into cakes creating the birth of the modern Customized cakes that we are now able to order in cities like Metro Manila.

Decorated Cakes and Customized cakes nowadays are now eaten together with wine or carbonated beverages along with other inventions. Customized cakes are served anywhere at anytime including modern corporate events and even ordered on a regular basis by ordering using mobile applications.

The Modern Cake or Customized Cakes

Gone are the days wherein professionally baked cakes and goods can only come from professional bakers and cake makers. Due to the accessibility of baking tools and products, anyone can start building their own online baking shop. 20 years ago, you would have to be a professional baker or chef to cook a masterpiece, but nowadays modern women can create modern and customized cakes to their hearts content. The plethora of information available online makes it easier to craft brilliant and good tasting cakes.

Modern Filipinas who want to set up their own online cake shop can easily do so. And everything under the sun can now be crafted to the delight of party goers and cake lovers. With brilliant imagination, tenacity and willingness to learn modern women can now master cake design and cake creation.

Home Made Celebration Cakes and Cupcakes

Customized Fondant Cakes

Customized Fondant cakes are beautiful creations, it is usually used to create fancy wedding and specialty cakes. Fondant is the key ingredient that allows the cake to become soft and flexible so that different designs can be incorporated inside it. There are 2 kinds of fondant, one is rolled fondant and the other is poured fondant. The Poured fondant is made from water, sugar and corn syrup. The rolled fondant on the other hand works like sweet dough. Fondant is often used for customized cakes because of its pliable dough. Then bakers add gelatin or glycerine. Cream of tartar is at times added to make it more steady.

Most of the Customized Cakes and Home Made Fondant cakes created in Manila is Marshmallow Fondant. To make the customized cakes more special and tasty bakers add boiled icing, butter frosting or chocolate frosting, in other cases clients can also choose cream cheese filling.

Marshmallow Fondant Icing

Homemade marshmallow fondant tastes better than most cakes that are purchased in shopping mall stores. This is due to the secret ingredient which is mini marshmallows. This is what makes homemade customized fondant cakes taste incredibly luscious and sweet with a tinge of light vanilla flavor.

Order Homemade Customized Cake in Manila

Looking for a Homemade Customized Cake and Cupcakes for a Special Event like Birthdays?Baptismal? Wedding Anniversary? Corporate celebration and more in Metro Manila?

Customized Cakes and Theme Cupcakes for Party in Manila

Order a whimsical and fantasy inspired customized cake for your child. Think of your favorite Disney or Anime character and watch as the cake baker brings it to life!

The Money Cake- Pull Money from Cake

Do you want luxurious looking cakes, make the mood more special and festive and surprise your loved ones by ordering a customized Money cake in Manila. Pull the money from the cake and enjoy delicious fondant cake!

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