Tombstone Pillow wins Best Cinematography & Best Screenplay at the Global Short Film Awards Cannes

After receiving numerous nominations and awards from various prestigious film festivals in 2019. Tombstone Pillow wins again at the Global Short Film Awards Cannes(GSFAwards) this 2020.

Tombstone Pillow a short film project shot in the haphazard shanties of The Manila North Cemetery was produced by Timeless Entertainment Inc. starring Lourde Duque Baron, Ian Taylor Ignacio, Blake Salcedo, Kendra De Mesa, Tunisian actor Akram Yesmine Lahmandi and Cedric Escobar.

The film is directed by Dream Team Directors Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir, and the script was written in collaboration with Fraser Scott. Edited by Bella Jones.

Dream Team Directors Duo Bayou Bennett and Daniel and also welcomed Hagay Mizrahi for the musical score.

Hagay Mizrahi of Gemini Muziq is a top music producer who has already worked with notable artists like Justin Bieber, Mario, Jason Derulo, Snoop Dogg, and Christina Milan. He also did a music album collaboration with Lourdes Duque Baron.

Executive Producer is an Award-winning author, musician, and humanitarian Lourdes Duque Baron.

Together with the help of Media PR Relations Maria Urduja Osit Li , Christel Payseng and Timeless Entertainment Inc., team Manager Nina Ortencio with Rorie Baron and Jong Tabtab.

Tombstone Pillow is also the Winner for Best Short Drama at the ICP Entertainment Short Film Series, official finalist at the Asian Cinematography Awards, New York City Independent Film Festival, LA Shorts International Film Festival, and the NYCIFF Festival.

About the Global Short Film Awards Cannes ( GSFAwards)

Global Short Film Awards was founded by Director Andres Delcarmen Aquino. It was created to recognize the excellence of highly creative and imaginative short films that shape the minds and ideas of people in the world.

These new films are suitable to meet the increasing content and demand for intelligent phones, digital and handheld devices connected with the internet. For commercial use, art, science, and educational applications. Global Short Film Awards is a world-leading event that is dedicated to short films, in 2D and 3D formats. It honors other subjects like Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor including Best Film.

Additional Awards at the Global Short Film Awards Cannes include Outstanding Humanitarian Award, Festival Director’s Choice, Lifetime Achievement Award including Best Fashion Designer.

(c) Global Short Film Awards
(c) Global Short Film Awards
(c) Global Short Film Awards

Awards were presented and screened publicly in Cannes, France at a special gala.

2020 Winners of Global Short Film Awards Cannes

Best Action Film: Koan
Best Animated Film: The Sandman
Best Choreography: The Stop
Best Cinematography: Tombstone Pillow
Best Comedy Film: Charlie – Someone’s In There
Best Costume Design: The Sycamore Gap
Best Dance Film: The Return
Best Drama Film: Jack and Anna
Best Editing: The Stop
Best Nature Film: Montenegro
Best Production Design: Jack and Anna
Best Romance Film: Silent Ways
Best Science Fiction Film: Metaphor
Best Screenplay: Tombstone Pillow
Best Social Concern Film: Leon
Best Sound Design: Voice
Best Story: Dreams
Best Travel Film: Red Glory
Best Visual Effects: D.A.P. Dentro Altri Posti (Inside Other Places)

Festival Director’s Choice: L.A.F.S. (Love at First Sight)

Best Actor: Davide Francato, D.A.P. Dentro Altri Posti (Inside Other Places)Best Actress: Georgia Palmucci, Pansy (Viola del Pensiero)
Best Young Talent: Dilip Selvaraj, Dreams
Best Director: TBABest Film: TBA

Outstanding Screenwriter, Writer & Journalist: Anna Rita Santoro
Fellini: Dreams and Reality – A Psychographic Profile

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