Tombstone Pillow Official Selection at the 2020 Global Impact Film Festival in DC

Tombstone Pillow is a 12-minute Short film, shot in the haphazard shanties of the Manila cemetery where 6,000 people live. It is about a heartless heiress, forced on the run, and met a poor graveyard girl who teaches her life’s true riches.

The slums in Manila are so overcrowded and in such bad condition that 6,000 people decided they would rather live among the dead and take their chances.

The cemetery dwellers sleep, eat, go to school and perform all of the other functions of living in and around tombs – they literally use tombstones for pillows

It was filmed for 3 days by multi-award-winning directors Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennett, with lead actress and Executive Producer Lourdes Duque Baron, Cinematographer Mycko David, and Writer Fraser Scott.

​Tombstone Pillow first premiered at the Oscar-qualifying film festival LA Shorts Film Festival, one of the longest-running short film festival in the world that produced 11 Oscar winners and 33 Oscar nominees. It went on to receive numerous nominations.

Dream Team Directors welcomed Hagay Mizrahi for the musical score.

Hagay Mizrahi of Gemini Muziq is a top music producer who has already worked with notable artists like Justin Bieber, Mario, Jason Derulo, Snoop Dogg, and Christina Milan. He also did a music album collaboration with Lourdes Duque Baron.

Tombstone Pillow also won Best Short Drama at the ICP Entertainment Short Film Series, became an official finalist for New York City Independent Film Festival, NYCIFF Festival, ARFF Amsterdam Around Internal Film Festival, Global Short Film Award Cannes and picked as an official finalist for The Global Impact Film Festival (GIDC) in Washington D.C

About Global Impact Film Festival

Global Impact Film Festival by DCBX, defines itself as a dynamic independent film festival that originated in Washington, D.C. The focus of the film festival is to cultivate global outreach, celebrating culture and to support non-profit organizations by featuring socially impactful films.

The mission of the Global Impact Film Festival is to empower the lives of many through the power of media. The film festival features short documentaries and narrative films that provoke and inspire social change.

Short films in the documentary and narrative category must be between 3 and 30 minutes. The major topics allowed in the documentary film category narrative revolve around agriculture, environment, homelessness, sexual abuse, and refugees.

Previous speakers for Global Impact Film Festival include JAWS Cinematographer Bill Butler, DC Stunts Coalition Dylan Hintz, and Mind and Media’s Aldo Bello.

The 2020 Global Impact Film Festival include categories for Best Documentary, Best Narrative, Best Student Short film, Best Local Short film and 1st Filmmaker Award.

The awarding ceremony will happen on AUG 28 – 30, 2020 for our 6th edition of the Global Impact Film Festival!

Tombstone Pillow:

Executive Producer: Timeless Entertainment Inc.
Directed by: Dream Team Directors ( Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennett)
Starring: Lourdes Duque Baron, Kendra Sison De Mesa, Ian Taylor Ignacio, Akram Yesmine Lahmandi, Blake Salcedo and Cedric Escobar
Screenplay by: Fraser Kee Scott
Director of Photography: Mycko David
Editor: Bella Jones
Music: Hagay Mizrahi
Production Design: Marielle Hizon
Team Manager: Nina Ortencio
Digital Marketing: Christel Payseng
PR/ Media Relations: Maria Urduja Osit Li
Production Team: Rorie Baron and Jong Tabtab

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