Asian Cinematography Awards Official Selection: Tombstone Pillow

After the successful premiere at the LA Shorts International Film Festival Timeless Entertainment Inc. is happy to announce that Tombstone Pillow was also able to make it as an official finalist for the Asian Cinematography Awards (ACA).

The Asian Cinematography AWARDS (ACA) selects films around the world who were able to display excellence in cinematography and other aspects of film making.

Asian Cinema Awards (ACA) will judge the film according to its technical elements, from the use of camera lens, film stock, lighting as well as other aesthetic concerns like the camera angle, framing, duration of the shot, distance as well as the movement. It will also look into the members of the film crew who were responsible for the cinematography, or the director of photography.

The Asian Cinematography Awards (ACA) was formed to strengthen the bond of cinematographers on a global scale, and it gives special emphasis to promoting Asian cinematographers and film makers. The monthly categories include Best Asian Short Film/Cinematography and is exclusive to the Asian Edition of the Cinematography Awards. There is a special category for short films, the award giving body features subjects and stories from the Philippines, and strongly urges the creation of stories that highlight the Filipino culture, society as well as diaspora.

Tombstone Pillow will be included in the live screenings, and exhibitions before the awarding ceremony that will happen in Manila, Philippines. The winners of the event will receive the ” Golden Eagle”, the official statuette of Cinematography Awards for outstanding achievement in cinematography and film making.

Other award titles up for grabs is Best Cinematographer of the Year, Best Film of the Year, Best Asian Film of the Year and Best Cinematographer of the Year, and an ACA Plaque for Best Filipino Short Film.

Timeless Entertainment Inc. Producer Lourdes Duque Baron together with Dream Team Directors Daniel Lir & Bayou Bennett, Cinematographer Mycko David and Writer Fraser Scott shot the film in haphazard shanties, top of graves and mausoleums in the Manila North Cemetery in the Philippines.

6,000 people live in the graveyards in the Philippines without running water or electricity. When a photographer Anton Afanasyev documented their lives he said: ” They don’t have a penny, but are still smiling”. (Fraser Scott)

“Tombstone Pillow” is an advocacy film and the cast includes Lourdes Duque Baron, Kendra Sison De Mesa, Akram Lahmandi Yesmine, Ian Taylor Ignacio, Cedric Escobar and “The Young Great Profile” himself Blake Salcedo grandson of the legendary Leopoldo Salcedo.

Dream Team Directors Duo Bayou Bennett and Daniel took to Instagram and also announced Kevin Hickman is on board as an Editor of the Short film Tombstone Pillow and also welcomed Hagay Mizrahi for the musical score.

Kevin Hickman is known in Hollywood for his amazing work in films like The Sorcerer’s ApprenticeRogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016), Aquaman (2018) and Collateral (2004).

Hagay Mizrahi of Gemini Muziq is a top music producer who has already worked with notable artists like Justin Bieber, Mario, Jason Derulo, Snoop Dogg and Christina Milan. He also did a music album collaboration with Lourdes Duque Baron.

Cinematographer Mycko David is known for top grossing films in the Philippines: Clarita, Eerie, Neomaniila, Birdshot and Always Be my Maybe.

The screening of Tombstone Pillow in the Philippines is on February 22-23 2020 at the UPFI Film Center.

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