Tombstone Pillow: A movie about people living in a cemetery

During an Interview with Manila Bulletin, Lourdes Duque Baron the CEO of Timeless Entertainment Inc. and the lead actress for Tombstone Pillow expressed that Tombstone Pillow is a very compelling film, it is a project that she is really committed to. There is an intention to offer it for consideration in the various international film festivals the world has, including Cannes. The screenplay was written by an award-winning scripter Fraser Scott.

Timeless Entertainment Inc. together with Dream Team Directors ( Daniel Lir & Bayou Bennett) Producer Pamela Reyes and writer Fraser Scott decided to shoot their new film Tombstone Pillow inside the cemetery. The film set is shot in haphazard shanties, top of graves and mausoleums. Together with a generation of poor families who have been living there since the 1950s. The Manila North Cemetery is expansive, with over 54 hectares of land or 133 acres, it is estimated back in 2017 that there are around 6,000 families or 800 families in the area.

To prepare for the role as Olivia, a filthy rich widow Lou Baron took one-on-one acting lessons from her acting coach in California. She will play an insanely rich and condescending woman who was married to a corrupt politician. Lourdes Duque Baron prepared for the role intensely and took inspiration from ” The Devil Wears Prada” when it comes to the mood and feel of the character.  She will star along with other stellar actors from the U.S, Tunisia and the Philippines.

To date, she has authored two books (“Scripted In Heaven” and “I Called Myself Cassandra” now available in major bookstores worldwide. She also produced and acted in a film (the indie “Butanding”) and recorded several albums (her first, “Feeling Good At Any Age” won Breakthrough Album of the Year at the Los Angeles Music Awards in 2014 – the first Filipina to do so).

For Lou, a life bereft of new experiences is a life unlived.

“I never dreamed of becoming a singer, or a book author, but here I am. I guess I’m just someone who keeps reaching new heights”.

Dream Team Directors:

Dream Team Directors was founded in 2007, by Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir. Their vision is to combine imagination, humor, beauty, and desire to positively impact the world using their stunning creative work. Their high profile clients include Adidas, Atlantic Records, Smashbox Cosmetics and Chrome Hearts.  They already collaborated with great talents like Oscar nominee Mark Ruffalo,  Lea Michele of Fox’s Glee, and Scream Queens. Coldplay, P. Diddy, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Stirling and top model Bella Hadid.

They have recently won Two Telly Awards, including 15 other awards in national and international film festivals.

Kendra De Mesa of MissDi Models in the Philippines was discovered by Dream Team Directors Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennett. They deemed her perfect for the role, and alongside other professional actors in the Philippines.

Ian Ignacio will also star in the film, he is known for the Trigonal: Fight for Justice ( 2018), BuyBust (2018) and Blood-Hunters: Rise of the Hybrids.

Blake Salcedo an up and coming actor, writer and filmmaker are also starring in Tombstone Pillow. lending his charms and acting prowess together with Cedric Escobar and Akram Lahmandi Yesmine.

Akram Lahmandi Yesmine is an actor that hails from Tunisia, he is also a film visionary,  going to the Philippines and meeting the community in the Manila North Cemetary has helped the actors understand the underlying issues in the Philippines which is crucial for understanding the film as a whole.

Tombstone Pillow:

6,000 people live in the graveyards in the Philippines without running water or electricity. When a photographer Anton Afanasyev documented their lives he said: ” They don’t have a penny, but are still smiling”. (Fraser Scott)


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