Tired of Burnham Park or Mines View? What other places can you visit in Baguio City?

Baguio City will always be one of the dreamiest places to visit in the Philippines. It will always be special for Filipinos no matter what happens because of the atmosphere and unique set up of the city. What are the best places to go to Baguio City when you are done touring Burnham Park, Mines View Park or John Hay? are there other things you can do in Baguio City aside from these usual tourist spots?

I have been living in Baguio City for more than a decade now, and have known the place for every nook and cranny even the secret places that only residents know- I have discovered most of the coffee shops, know where the best coffee and Sushi is, the best Spa places to go to and even the best Pizza when you are feeling up for it. Here is a list of other places, coffee shops, restaurants that you can visit in Baguio- you don’t have to feel that Burnham Park or Mines View is your only option. You can do so much more.


  1. Ben Cab Museum

What better way than to visit the Creative Hub of the City- where talent and creativity grow- even if you are not an art enthusiast, Ben Cab will always come out as a top choice for a unique experience in the City. Check some of the sculptures and new paintings from Baguio artists- and feel the mystical vibe that the city emits.

The museum also houses Cafe Sabel, a memorabilia shop, and a garden where you can see typical indigenous Ifugao, Kalinga, and Bontoc architecture and farm produce.

  • Location: Km. 6 Asin Road, Tadiangan, Tuba, Benguet, Philippines
  • Fees: General admission – Php 120
    Students with valid school ID – Php 100
    Seniors/ PWD with valid IDs – Php 80
    Special rates for student & organized groups with the minimum of 30 guests
    EcoTrail tour – same as above
  • Operation Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
    (last entry at 5:30 pm). Closed on Mondays, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.


2. Apo ni Bayosa Cafe

A new cafe is here- if you are a coffee lover and you want to experience something warm, something special then this really cute coffee shop will warm your heart.  Hear the stories of the real Baguio residents, check out some real Cordilleran history and appreciate Baguio brewed coffee- the way it should be.

Aponi Bayosa Cafe is on top of my list due to the fact that you can feel the real Baguio in this small yet warm coffee shop.  Affordable prices, and kind owners- be transported to the Baguio of the 70’s. With brewed coffee from Atok and homemade pastries like Empanada and Cinnamon Roll, you are guaranteed to relax.  While having coffee you can observe the characters going inside the shop- get a local feel- what Baguio is really known for. Feel the respect of residents and the wit, hear fantastic stories- it would not be an exaggeration to say that Aponi Bayosa Cafe carries the Spirit of Baguio- the magic, the comfort and authenticity that makes people want to come back.

Go and have coffee on a lazy rainy afternoon- no rushing, smell the coffee beans as per tradition and talk to the owners and just relish the day. It is best to go here, when you are feeling nostalgic, when you feel like being quiet and just want to enjoy life. The owners are planning to add more unique pieces- the Coffee shop has just opened this May- more exciting additions could be expected.

Listen to the story of a fourth generation Ibaloi who wanted to market the coffee of the Cordilleras- Fides Herrera Lim. Learn about the history of upland coffee, and how it should be served. Learn more about Mateo Cariño, who once owned all of the present Baguio and who was given the titles for his land by the Spanish government in exchange for his conversion to Christianity and just generally enjoy a nostalgic Baguio- one that we can all be proud of.

Location: 15 Kisad Road | 3rd FloorBaguio, Luzon 2600, Philippines

 Read: http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/292073/making-ibaloi-coffee-tune-times/


3. Baguio Public Market

Forget Burnham Park or Mines View, and be like Anthony Bourdain and explore the real Baguio. Get to know the city in the most intimate way, check the original products, check out the fresh vegetables. Smell the fresh flowers and the coffee beans being ground inside the public market of Baguio City- check out the fresh strawberries, the lettuce and feel the action- you will understand Baguio better once you visit the public market- where the real Baguio action is.


4. Pick Fresh strawberries at  La Trinidad Strawberry Fields

Just a few minutes from the City proper, you can already visit the Strawberry and Lettuce fields- get your hands dirty and feel the earth- instead of walking inside the shopping mall and doing what everyone is doing- go explore something new and pick some fresh produce- make sure to arrive early so that you can still pick some fresh strawberries and lettuce you can take home.

5. Arca’s Yard

Already established and considered as one of the most beautiful restaurants in Baguio City. Often frequented by celebrities due to its unique charm and delectable dishes.  Sit in a corner and enjoy the array of dishes that you can order, read a book or two, and order something refreshing. Look at the window and have a peak, and understand why Baguio City is still well loved by Filipinos.

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6. Cemetery of Negativism

Bury all your negative energy and just smell the fresh Pine trees around the area, just do nothing for a while, spend nothing and just take some really interesting photos at the Cemetery of Negativism in Baguio City.

7. Philippine Military Academy

Looking for a clean spot to take your selfies in or just check out the spectacular mountain views then the PMA Academy in Baguio is the best place to go. Well organized, spotless and filled with interesting sights and history and relics from the Philippines and its best soldiers- who knows you might just see a hunky PMA Cadet while visiting.


8. Bell Church

Feel like meditating or taking a really good selfie? Then the Bell Church area for you, almost every town in the Philippines have their own Bell Church temple – make sure to visit the one in Baguio City. Visitors will gaze in awe at the ornate oriental architecture and an ornate dragon and Buddha design.


9. Book at this Staycation House in Baguio City

Get some free coffee refills, hi-speed wi-fi, more than 50 x-box games, or watch your favorite movie while having a bonfire with friends or just chill outside while having the barbeque. This unique Staycation house in Baguio City is the best experience you will ever have- meet new people, you can even schedule a special tattoo while on Staycation. Try the fresh eggs, veggies, and mushrooms that the owners of the house are also offering guests-


10.  Order Visco’s Strawberry Cake in Session Road

Don’t have a lot of time to roam around the city? You can just go to Session Road and order a delightful strawberry cake and fulfill your sweet craving, pair it up with amazing Brewed coffee from Baguio and voila you have already experienced one of the best experiences in Baguio City.



    • Hi Jake please message Kali Alaia on FB for more details , the staycation house is located in Camp 7, and it is open for bookings

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