Thousands in U.K. Line Up to Donate Stem Cells to save Boy With Cancer

In an article released by the New York Times more than 5,000 people stunned the organizers of an event last week when they did a call out for a stem cell donor for a 5-year-old who has cancer in Britain. This was considered a record breaker and a wonderful act of humanity.

The 5- year olds name is Oscar Saxelby- Lee, he received a diagnosis back in December for T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This is a rare form of cancer that causes a person’s bone marrow to release immature white blood cells. The disease affects 650 people a year in Britain as stated by the data released by the National Health Service.

Even after undergoing chemotherapy treatment for 4 weeks, the treatment was not enough, and the doctors are resorting to stem cell treatment instead. The school where he is attending the Pitmaston Primary School in Worcester decided they wanted to do everything that they can to help the family find a suitable donor and did what they can to let the community know about the event. The school started a crowdfunding page in February where the story of the family was posted. The fundraiser originally started 5,000 pounds, but as to date, it has already gathered 8, 600 pounds or $11, 300. Doctors have made it clear that stem cell treatment can help prolong the life of Oscar which is why they decided to organize a donor event through DKMS- an international profit organization focused on finding blood donors. Anyone age 17 to 55 could be a potential stem cell sponsor and they can register.

The cause called the attention of over 200 volunteers in Britain, and they helped with everything from the registering of the donors- the event was held at the school parking lot. The turn out was so impressive, it exceeded expectations. People queued up despite the long lines and pouring rain, and nobody moaned about it- a lot of people really wanted to help. The Spirit of Hope was really alive and incredible- and you can see the real generosity and love for one another alive in the event.

Stem Cell Treatment

A lot of clinical advancements have already occurred for the past 10 years when it comes to stem cell therapy. More and more people are educated and aware of the positive effects of the treatment and are opting for this alternative treatment to help prolong their life.
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Stem Cell therapy, if performed by the right clinic and the right doctors and facility- offers hope. Stem cell therapy offers possibilities for the hopeless, more and more governments and private funders are willing to do as many clinical trials as possible to find the absolute cure for HIV/ AIDS. While there is still a lot of research and testing to be done before the treatment becomes public- this speaks volume of the possibilities of stem cell treatment in the near future.

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