This Valentines Day Plant a Tree For the One You Love | Hineleban Tree of Love | P100 Only

Give the Gift that Grows and Join the Tribe of Awakened Tree Warriors who are on the quest to protecting the remaining rainforest cover in the Philippines. This Valentine’s Day dedicate a tree to your loved one,  for only P100 you can already support the initiative, the projected is called the Hineleban Tree of Love. Donate P100 and tag your recipient on Facebook to let them know that you donated and planted a tree under their name and use the hashtag #GiftThatGrows.

Visit the main website to learn how to Donate and plant a tree for the future

You can also pay through SMS by texting TREE and send to 2158TREE(8733) through Globe.

(c) Hineleban Farms

Who are the people behind Hineleban Foundation?

Hineleban Foundation is a group composed of a team of experts in forestry, wildlife, agriculture, livestock, food technology, field research, and development as well as community relations and finance including marketing and advocacy communications. The advocacy group is composed of some of the best people in the industry, and they are closely working with tribal leaders and the local indigenous people. Hineleban Foundation members are working with enlightened private corporations that adopt communities to assist them with the IP community’s Family Food Security and with the production of Sustainable Disposable Income Generating Crops and one of the major projects of the foundation is to save denuded forests through a series of projects.

What Does Hineleban mean?

Hineleban means the spirit of the gathering and giving Mother Tree of the rainforest that sustains the cycle of all life.  It is closely symbolized by the tree called Bagamumu tree in the midst of the rainforest that is swarming with bees that gather nectar.  With the exclusive permission to adopt the name by the Provincial Consultative Body of the Indigenous People of Bukidnon and by PASAGI known as the Council of the Elders representing the Seven Tribes of Bukidnon- permission was given under the Spirit of the Sacred Five Pillars of Kinship.

The founders and members of Hineleban Foundation are God-centered, they are united as one with the diverse cultural communities. They share the values of God which is Love, Compassion, Truth, and Perseverance.

The Board of Directors of Hineleban Foundation include Chair Emeritus & CEO John Paul Cadiz Perinne,  Co-Chair Emeritus Datu Victorino Migketay Saway. Unifier Paul Xavier Perrine, Senior Head External relations Edgar Bullecer. Head of IP Affairs is Atty. Burt M. Estrada and Head of New Product Development Renee Yvonne Perrine.

As of October 1, 2018 Hineleban Foundation has already grown 4, 400, 001 trees.

What is the long term Vision and Mission of Hineleban Foundation?

The long term goal involves the restoration of the high mountain forests of Mindanao, from where rainfall sweeps down the plains.  The plan also includes providing sustainable livelihoods for the Indigenous People as Custodian of these forests.  To uphold the dignity of the unique culture of the Indigenous Peoples on the islands of Mindanao.

Visit their official website:


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