The Rise of the Posh Filipino Shopping Malls

People now are expecting products and experience. So you have stores that have café components, barber shops serving cocktails, themed restaurants like DC Café that serves DC Comics-branded limited-edition collectibles, and vinyl record stores that serve coffee,” he explained. BusinessWorld

While most western countries are doing away with shopping malls, and many have moved to online shopping. In the Philippines, it is an entirely different thing. This is due to the fact that Filipinos are sociable, and family oriented. Malls will always be a haven for families and a reason to go out and enjoy. For this reason big mall developers like Ayala Corporation, SM Malls and Robinsons Land continue building enormous malls and this time with lifestyle in mind.

Traditional malls offered limited options for entertainment and dining. But nowadays, it is all about the lifestyle and the experience. The future of Philippine malls will be about creative and customized experiences for the new types of buyers. This means more bookshops and salons with their own in-house coffee and cake selections. This means more open air amphitheaters, botanical gardens and roof deck experience as well as technological innovations that allow people to experience more when inside.

The trend started in 2019 with more hybrid retail experiences that give value to lifestyle. A coffee shop is no longer just a coffee shop, each drink is now an artistic experience. Barbershops in the future will start serving cocktails, even food to increase the satisfaction of clients. People are too hooked with 3 dimensional reality with their phones, the only ways shopping malls will compete and survive, is if it will offer something larger than life. When you go inside a mall, it should be a creative, fantastic and wonderful experience. Your senses should be delighted, the entire mall should be a work of art and should also be digitally enhanced in every way.

Luxury Malls and VIP experiences

Shopping malls in the Philippines, will dominate the entire country. It will become the norm, every Filipino would then seek for better experiences while inside the mall. The Changi airport in Singapore has successfully incorporated nature and technological innovations. The designs and principle used therein, will be used as an inspiration by many lifestyle malls in Asia in the coming days.

Luxury malls, and VIP experiences for the ultra wealthy would become the norm. It will take some time before the ultra wealthy get used to buying expensive jewelry online. It will come, but after the age of posh boutiques.

Shopping malls can be accessed by just about everyone who wants to enter, the experiences will be difference once inside. More and more boutique malls and specialized malls that cater to high net worth individuals would be established in the Philippines. This could mean that the most expensive food franchise and clothing stores will start establishing themselves in the Philippines, as the wealth of Asia goes stronger.

The Rise of the Posh Filipino Shopping Malls

The new Posh malls that will arise will do away with fake plants and boring designs. SM shopping malls which are usually box type and bland, will aim to upgrade themselves and add more tropical greenery and ponds with turtles and koi like Ayala Malls. To survive the digital age and the rise of e-commerce, malls would have to reinvent themselves and offer more. Shopping malls wont be able to offer the speed and convenience that e-commerce is able to provide, but it will improve on other areas.

New shopping malls in the Philippines have started offering art centers, including a venue for concerts, fitness clubs, farmers markets and spas as well as gaming and other forms of entertainment. More shopping malls in the future will offer go karts, balloon rides, bowling and billiards like shopping malls in the U.S.

Lifestyle malls and other luxury malls are also expected to include underwater aquarium, them parks and even dinosaur walk museums to entice more consumers to come by. Restaurants would start to innovate and put in more creative ideas and witty designs and offerings to keep their customers interested in going back- it will be totally new experience- the one that the Philippines has not tried before. If in the past, most mall developers concentrate on Metro Manila, in the coming years more high end luxury malls will rise in different places in the Philippines, as wealth distribution and level of information and education rises in various parts of the country.

The Philippine Luxury meet up forum will happen in July 27, 2019 and will be hosted by Moola Forum. Some of the top luxury mall developers and high end hotel owners will be in attendance.

Biggest Gathering of Luxury Marketers in the Philippines

Philippine Luxury Meetup – July 2019 is a Local Luxury Meetup in the Philippines that will feature official announcement about the “Philippine Luxury Conference 2019” and Q&A portion with Moola Forum regarding the Luxury Conferences in Asia as well as the International Luxury Conferences worldwide.

Who will attend?

Our luxury events are always attended by high-net-worth individuals in Asia and/or their luxury lifestyle consultants and private wealth advisers, affiliate luxury marketers, executives of the top corporations, serial entrepreneurs, private equity providers, venture capitalists, investment bankers, and angel investors.

If you work in advertising and marketing for these industries, you should attend Philippine Luxury Meetup – July 2019:

  • Personal Luxury Goods
    • Luxury Fashion
    • Luxury Jewelry
    • Luxury Beauty
  • Luxury Cars
  • Luxury Hospitality
  • Fine Wines & Spirits
  • Gourmet Food & Fine Dining
  • Fine Art
  • Design Furniture and Housewares
  • Private Jets, Choppers, Yachts
  • Private Security (Executive Protection) for Executives & Families
  • Business Technology for Executives

Disclaimer: Images used are for emphasis purposes and randomly taken from different lifestyle and luxury shopping malls all over the world

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