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Now that humans have figured out that releasing a thousand balloons in the air is an environmental hazard, what they could be the next and best way to introduce a new concept or product? The Philippines is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. In 2018, it was declared as one of the best countries to invest in. More and more Filipinos are also breaking into the middle and upper class- leading to more expansive and impressive technology offers.

(Video belongs to Intel and is for example purposes not the exact IMARK drone show)

Humans have reached the zenith of information, for the past decades we were just content to watch firecrackers in the air as a way to celebrate a festive occasion, but people are getting so creative these days, that a simple firecracker show is no longer enough. To truly engage and wow the audience and to really have a lasting effect, technology has to be tapped!

One of the leading tech companies in the world has finally arrived in the Philippines. After offering high profile digital marketing and tech services including artificial intelligence related products. IMARK International is back with a new and cutting edge technology that will change Philippine advertising as we know it.

Impressive Drone Light Shows

It is time to level up your marketing, it is time to use the best way to entertain customers. Bring the Coachella and the SuperBowl effect in your events and change the way your brand is perceived forever with the use of Drone Light shows!

Who says you need to go to the Olympics just to feel spectacular emotions when you can order your own drones and set up a unique light show in your city that is guaranteed to impress and leave a mark on your target audience? IMARK International can design the drone show of your dreams!

Purchasing drones and working on them on your own, is probably not the best idea. It is very expensive, not to mention the fact that there are only a few skilled drone operators in the country. After careful study, IMARK International teamed up and created partnerships in the Philippines to offer the best team for the Philippines.  IMARK International has the best software, it is not something that one can easily buy or navigate,  creating a drone light show is only possible with the help of an expert team who can manage the automated flight all at the same time.  A team of experts will be handling the process to make sure that it will go smoothly.

Quality and Safety Assured

IMARK International will make sure that the drone technology that will be used in your event is safe. The company is already using the best software there is in the world.  There are safety protocols installed, and the company is coordinating with the Philippine government to assure quality. The company is following a strict pre-flight planning guide that is included before the show starts. This is to ensure that mistakes are minimized and tech issues are identified immediately.  The operators are also able to disarm the drone at a point so that it can easily land back to its central location or in a place where it is currently in.

Artistic and Breath Taking Drone Light Show

The drone operators will work together with the events management team to make sure that the right vision is presented. Due to the advanced technology used in the drones, the effect is guaranteed to look amazing even in daylight. The future of technology is immense, we have entered a new dimension when it comes to branding and advertising- today we are limitless.

Currently, drone light shows are performed away from the audience, up in the sky or off in the distance. At least 2 to 3-meter distance. In the future, drones could come closer for both indoors and outdoors. Drones will also be controlled in real time by operators, creating a really cool spectacle.  Giving you that enormous and wonderful feeling, as though Aliens are already here, watching us and glowing from the distance.

Drones Will Replace Fireworks

Fireworks are so 90’s,  if your company wants to stand out you need to get the latest technology that will show the creativity and ability of your brand. Give the experience of a lifetime, and experience the night sky in a way we never thought of before through impressive drone light shows. Rather than the usual gunpowder-powered light show, you can use full sky drones instead.

Create an animated sequence of colors from red, white, and blue and any color you can think of. Drones are safer than fireworks in many ways. It is also environment-friendly and is also reusable. It is not limited to a single flight, the display is also programmable, you can do endless concepts for the show.  Drones are also much quieter, they will not distress animals or wildlife.  Drone light shows also have precision and create better stories, you can present better emotion and animation in the sky. Drone light shows is the future of marketing- and the Philippines is ready for it!

(Sample footage video not from IMARK)

About IMARK International

IMARK International is a multifaceted agency focused on Technology & Web DesignAdvertising, and Digital Marketing. IMARK provides everything from branding to media planning and media buying plus enterprise-level services such as customer acquisition, retention, and revenue growth. #ROAS #ROMI #ROI

IMARK is Asia’s largest network of technologists and digital marketing professionals of the highest caliber and experts in Web Design and Web Development, Ecommerce, Mobile Apps, Integrated Advertising, Intelligent Digital Marketing, Branding, Media Planning, Media Buying, Public Relations, Semantic and Technical Search Engine Optimization campaigns, Online Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Video Marketing, Celebrity & Influencer Marketing, HNWI Marketing, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Cybersecurity, and more.

IMARK works with various industries, including real estatebanking and financeFinTech, insuranceautomotivefast foodtourismgamingmedia & entertainment, and retail & consumer-product manufacturers.

IMARK has been in the online advertising industry for more than 10 years now. Its decade-long experience in integrated marketing of brands, products, and B2B & B2C services using state-of-the-art technologies and digital strategies makes IMARK International the expert in technology and web design, advertising, and digital marketing trusted by top brands and multinational corporations in Asia.

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Is the drone show available here in the Philippines?

Kookz Cordero
Kookz Cordero

Is drone show feasible and available here in the Philippines?