The Art of Grazing Table | Food Trends that are Here to Stay

With the explosion of Instagram users and social media globally, it will come as no surprise that food trends have changed over time – humans are always striving to heighten the emotions and feelings that one can have when it comes to food and this has led to a new food trend called grazing table.

Grazing table occurs when there are a creative arrangement and array of colors on the table- it is an explosion of flavors arranged into one piece- the grazing table can include all types of appetizers, cheeses, cold cuts, bread, and other snacks, only that the set up is more much opulent, succulent and extravagant than the regular set up of tables in parties, weddings, and even corporate events.

In recent years, marketers have become super creative. Instagram and social media, as well as pinterest, changed the way we buy- in the past we have limited creative options- today you have corporate gifts for CEO, luxury gifts, kosher gifts, fruits and nuts basket gifts, chocolate towers and anything intricate and beautiful under the sun. Grazing tables are one of the most beautiful and innovative trends that were a result of an information explosion on social media.

The design and menu for the grazing table are really up to the person- there are different ways to go about it and there are so many DIY tips that can already be found on how to begin Grazing. The menu could be a mix of savory and sweet, nutty and fruity or chocolate dipped crackers. The Grazing table can contain chocolate filled donuts, truffles, sandwiches, cream-dipped biscuits and delectable spices and hams including bacon if needed! The important thing is that the grazing table is lively in color, bountiful and really easy on the eyes. Grazing tables usually contain fresh flowers, candles, decorative lights and lanterns as well as gorgeous platters, plates and cuttlery.

Grazing Table | Social Entertaining

Grazing tables is the modern way of entertaining guests, and filling up the sense. People nowadays are always looking for the next best thing to capture their attention- there is no reason for parties and holidays, even corporate events or weddings to be boring- grazing table in parties is the perfect conversation

Luxury Grazing Tables

Luxury Grazing tables make use of organic fresh produce, artisan cheeses that come from different parts of the world. It has become all the rage in the West and the craze has already arrived in the East. Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Philippine elite society are already into. Grazing tables create memorable experiences, together with delicious food- it also offers vegetarian and vegan choices for guests who quite a bit picky with their food and diet.

Luxury Grazing has become so popular that eventually companies who started it, got hold of the idea to produce grazing boxes for corporate gifts- nowadays if you want to impress your office mates, your boss or your future business partners you can send them an impressively curated box filled with every imaginable decadence.

Luxury Grazing tables really make a strong statement- they are highly ideal for large business, family or social gatherings- they are fully staged and really delight and cater the palette and senses.

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