“What an exhausting weekend! The effect still continues. Thanks to Ms. Kali’s website kali-alaia-lightworker.com! Getting featured for ecommerce platform provider attracted several Asian entrepreneurs especially from Singapore and Hong Kong that resulted in overwhelming orders of ecommerce websites and advanced systems.

The best story: All these clients from neighboring Asian countries see the rise of technology in all aspects of business in the Philippines. Their interest in investing and partnering with us in terms of technology has led us to sealing several contracts with them, which means by first quarter of 2018, IMARK Philippines will provide more B2B and B2G tech products. When asked how did they learn about us, they only gave us one answer: from a blog by Kali Alaia.

The whole team of marketing at IMARK Philippines is happy to be in good partnership with Ms. Kali, who has earned reputation in digital marketing for more than a decade now. Her connection with multiple marketing and advertising agencies is crucial to our marketing campaigns both locally and internationally. Her sincerity, dedication, and expertise in doing business with us are characteristics, talents, and capabilities you can hardly find elsewhere. We’re so lucky to partner with her and her companies.”

Rommel Buenconsejo

Digital Marketing Consultant, IMARK Philippines