What are Telomeres and how they are connected with human aging?

Everyone will age and grow old at some point, but there are different ways to hack the aging process and slow it down. There are individuals who look older than other people despite being younger in human years when compared with other people and this is based on several genetic factors that are happening in the body. One of the conditions that a person has to understand when it comes to the process of aging is what we call the Hallmarks of Aging.

What are Telomeres?

Telomeres are a protective cap at each end of our genetic chromosomes, it is repeated a thousand times in the DNA sequence. Telomeres are there to protect the coding regions of the chromosomes and prevent it from getting damaged and it also acts as a clock that is the one controlling the number of replications that the body is allowed to make.

Once telomeres become critically short, this is when cell ceases to divine and enter what we call the Cellular Senescence and now ready to be disposed of by the immune system. When Cellular Senescence occurs the healthy cells will start to dwindle and cause poor tissue and organ function. It can also lead to poor tissue repair and maintenance causing some people to age faster compared with other people.


People who want to slow down aging can do certain measures to prevent the rapid destruction of telomeres.  Healthy Diet, exercise and stem cell therapy treatments can reduce the signs of aging.  Researchers are now researching more on telomeres and how to extend them through certain procedures like replacement of stem cell stocks and removal of senescent cells.

The key is to provide a supply of fresh cells and infuse them with treatments to slow down the process of aging. Some researchers have also reprogrammed and reset the hallmarks of aging in mice, to reset the telomeres in mice, so they can extend longer and make it functionally young again. These studies are the ones being used by stem cell clinics like Feeling Good At Any Age- One Stop Rejuvenation Clinic in California. 

Stem cell therapy solutions that are being offered by the Feeling Good at Any Age The- One Stop Rejuvenation Center, can prevent premature aging and cures diseases. The stem cell therapy solutions were designed to prevent massive DNA damage.

Feeling Good At Any Age The One-Stop Rejuvenation Center to Turn Back Time

FGAAA a US-based clinic in California (Feeling Good At Any Age The One-Stop Rejuvenation Center to Turn Back Time) is one of the most sought-after clinics when it comes stem cells therapy.The clinic follows strict and ethical standards when it comes to administering the treatments.



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