Tech Elites are paying laboratories to store stem cells as ‘back up’ to make life longer

A Liquid Nitrogen bank containing suspension of stem cells. Cell culture for the biomedical diagnostic.

It seems like science fiction, but today it is a reality. The Tech Elites are already storing their stem cells for future use as stem cell research progresses. After the announcement that the person who will live up to 1,000 has already been born in 2018 by well-known researchers- the tech elites interest in stem cell technology has increased.

A startup named Forever Labs is now freezing and storing people’s stem cells like a backup drive for their future selves. The company is now offering a way for humans to store their stem cells from fat stores instead of the bone marrow. Stem cells have a range of use, it is used to cure conditions like heart disease,  diabetes including cancer. Instead of throwing away the fat from liposuction procedures, some are opting to keep their fat instead because it is rich in stem cells.

Forever Labs was created in 2015 and has collaborated with a number of specialized doctors to siphon stem cells from customers bone marrow. But now it is also partnering with plastic surgeons to allow patients to bank their stem cells after liposuction. According to the CEO and Founder of Forever Labs Mark Katakowski, instead of putting your fat in the garbage, you can finally put it to better use.

The startup company will freeze the stem cells, then deliver them to their cell banking facilities, and will maintain them in careful conditions. The hope is that in the future, the stored stem cells could be used to harness a solution for future sicknesses of the patient. It will give the ability to have a source of young cells that could be injected back into the body. It is a backup storage and the tech elites are jumping into endless possibilities of stem cell research.

What might a bank of your stem cells be used for?

Stem cells are unique and allow the body to heal naturally and faster. Scientists are predicting that stem cells would one day regenerate failing tissue and organs. Instead of transplants, we will just use stem cells to cure our body parts. Instead of relying on kidney transplant or liver transplant, stem cells could be used in the future to heal the body naturally and program human body parts like the kidney to work again.

As of the present time, stem cells are currently being sued for bone marrow transplants and is useful for treating leukemia patients. Instead of undergoing chemotherapy, patients can now opt for natural healing through stem cell therapy. Stem cell banking is beginning to emerge, and over the years the cell banking market is predicted to increase from $6.3 billion to $9.3 billion by 2023 as more people are informed about the wonders of stem cell therapy.

Tech elites find comfort in the fact, that at some point the stem cell banks will be their ticket to a longer and healthier and much more productive life in the future-



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