Syncify: An App that helps you combat depression and loneliness

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic came, a lot of people are already battling with depression and anxiety. Now with the onset of Covid-19, as the world was enveloped with uncertainty and fear, the next big problem is Mental Disorders that will arise. After all, the greatest problem of humanity is learning to handle and take control of the diseases that attack the mind.

One of the main reasons why people feel depressed and alone is the communication barriers. Although you may be surrounded by family members and workmates, as well as friends, it doesn’t usually mean that they understand what you are going through. Many do not have the ability to give professional care and insightful words that can help an extremely depressed person get through their day.

Pandemics like Covid-19 are unique in nature, and society is still unable to create prolonged support and recovery for those who will be needing it. Governments are focused on providing physical care and financial care for its people, but preparations on how to battle mental health disorders have yet to be addressed.

While the World Health Organization is providing information on how to sanitize properly to avoid getting infected, the psychological impacts of the pandemic have yet to be addressed. There is very little support to be found when it comes to dealing with stress and high anxiety disorders.

Syncify was developed to provide Psychological first aid. It is a highly social app that seeks to address mental health disorders, and while it doesn’t offer a cure for major depressive disorders, it offers a way for users in the community to avoid aggravating their depression.

Syncify was born to reduce isolation and loneliness. With COVID-19 this became a big priority and we want to accelerate development. Share your listening experiences with friends and family. Stop listening to things alone and begin to shares meaningful topics with people who matter to you the most.

Syncify- Social Podcasting

Syncify aims to create a community of people who have meaningful conversations while listening to their favorite podcasts. It is learning and surviving together, in the most sense it could be summarized as being ” Alone together”

Syncify allows its users to listen and talk about podcast episodes to friends, family members, and even business partners and followers online. Syncify is an app that helps promote mental health.

Listen live  🎧

  • Hear the same audio at the same time
  • Chat whilst you listen & feel more connected

Catch up  🏃‍♀️

  • Easily catch up on the same content
  • Share notes and comments

Discover  🧐

  • See what others have listened to and join in
  • Get ratings to easily see what is the best content

Curated playlists 🤓

  • A hand-picked series of podcasts to teach you a skill
  • Go on a learning journey of improvement

How to Join:

Go to, sign up for the waiting list

What are the Features of the App?

Developers of Syncify allowed users to listen with others and be social. Your friends can see your playing history and favorites. Users can also listen together at the same time in the Listen Live Feature. Creating and sharing listening journeys is also part of the features.

The Syncify app offers a way to boost the mind. You will be able to nourish their health and knowledge as well. It was designed to help users combat isolation. While using the app, you will also benefit from memory bonus as the app discussions allow users to retain and recall memories. It also helps users become wiser.

Additional features that users will be able to unlock is the ability to tag sections to listen back. The ability to share snippets with others and leave audio notes and comments, and capture as you learn. Including easily discovering favorite podcasts with the best content.

Why Are Podcasts becoming Popular?

Due to the wealth of information online, people are turning to top-quality podcasts that are regularly recorded, not just as a form of entertainment but a way to get inspired, motivated, and informed.

Listening to podcasts is a form of free entertainment, that allows you to understand various topics while listening during your free time. Or while doing other things, it allows you to hear something meaningful that your conscious and subconscious mind can digest and benefit from.

Podcasts are like listening to a trusted friend that is able to discuss to you something beneficial, meaningful. Instead of reading daily rants and political posts on social media that is harmful to your mental health. You can switch to podcasts instead and select topics that enrich your mind. Listen to high-quality material, and boost your self-esteem and knowledge in various topics until you achieve self-mastery.

Unlike Audiobooks, Podcasts work as though someone is talking to you, conversing with you. It is beneficial in moments of total isolation. If you have been cooped up in your room because of the pandemic, and there is no one you can talk to, you can switch to podcasts and select a podcast episode instead.

It will feel as though you are talking to one or more individuals. The feeling would be more enriching, and you will feel less isolated and more in tune with others who are giving you insights on brilliant topics.

Tune in and learn, select various industries, and familiarize yourself. Podcasts give you an easy way to jump back into learning once you have free time, or even while you are washing the dishes and doing other chores. Feel connected and learn with others- lead a more enriched life with podcasts.

About the Creators of Syncify:

The creators of Syncify are a team of passionate podcast listeners, with a strong connection with podcast groups and book clubs that love discussing meaningful and engaging content.

A group of developers and designers who love building things to improve the world and decided to give timely solutions.


Our founder Sam Harris has given TEDx talks on the problems with technology and how to use it for good. He has built health-tech apps and is a serial entrepreneur.

Sam runs a few podcasts to make his listeners happier and wiser.

The Growth Mindset Podcast has over a million downloads and features interviews such as the founders of Skype, Olympic gold medallists, and even a hitman.

The Wiser Then Yesterday Podcast is a weekly book club where we break down some of the best ideas from amazing books.

Socialising should be about doing things you enjoy together with people.

Sam Harris

It should not be about showing off about what you’re doing or feeling bad about what others have done. It should not be about chasing likes and status. It should be strengthening connections and making you a happier and better person.

We need ways to naturally connect with others as loneliness and isolation grow in the world.

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