Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease: How Stem cells can repair the brain

Parkinsons disease is a form of progressive nervous system disorder that affects a person movement. The symptoms will start gradually and increase over time. The common symptoms would include tremor or shaking of the hands. A person suffering from Parkinson’s disease would also have a slower movement, making it harder for them to walk or do the ordinary movement.

Parkinson’s disease can also cause muscle stiffness, it becomes too painful and it can limit the range of activities a person can do. A person with Parkinson’s disease would also start having problems with their posture and balance, they can suffer from stooped posture or they may start to have balance problems. A person who has Parkinson’s disease symptoms would also have trouble blinking, smiling, or swinging their arms as they walk. It can also lead to speech changes as they can suffer from stuttering or speech impairment as a result of the disease. A person with Parkinson’s disease will also have changes in the way they write, some in their most advanced stages might not even be able to write at all. W

Parkinson’s Disease and Stem Cell Therapy

New research is presented on a yearly basis due to the many advancements stem cell therapy is able to achieve in just a short period of time. Parkinsons Disease is now included in the list of illnesses that stem cell therapy can help solve. Stem cell therapy is now considered as a potential cure for damaged neurons that occur when a person has Parkinson’s disease. The clinicians and medical experts on the case believe that stem cells are the key to superior treatment, and with the use of different types of cells to treat different symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

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Could stem cell therapy one day help treat Parkinson’s disease?

The current treatments used for Parkinson’s disease involve the use of the drug levodopa with the goal of stimulating the dopamine production in certain neurons of the body that are associated with motor skills. However, this drug has many side effects including physiological to psychological ones, and in the long term, the benefits are limited. This is the reason why many top clinics in California like Feeling Good At Any Age The One-Stop Rejuvenation Center headed by Lourdes Duque Baron is going for stem cell treatments.

Stem cell therapy and immunotherapy are seen as effective strategies for repairing the brain that is damaged by Parkinson’s disease. In the Journal of Parkinson’s disease, researchers have evaluated the potential of stem cell therapy for treating the neurodegenerative condition.

Dr. Claire Henchcliffe, of the Department of Neurology at the Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City, NY, co-authored the study with Malin Parmar, Ph.D., a professor in a research group called “Multidisciplinary research focused on Parkinson’s disease at Lund University.”

“We are in desperate need of a better way of helping people with [Parkinson’s],” say the scientists. “It is on the increase worldwide. There is still no cure, and medications only go part way to fully treat[ing] in coordination and movement problems.”

Evolution of Stem Cell therapy

In their review, Dr. Henchcliffe and Prof. Parmar examined the evolution of stem cell therapy and its uses for replacing damaged neurons in Parkinson’s. The goal of doctors is to make successful transplantable dopamine-producing nerve cells using stem cells. The goal is for a single surgery to provide efficient results with the help of stem cells. When this happens the life of the patient can be lengthened. The goal is to eliminate the need for dopamine-based medications and go for natural healing solutions of the body with the help of stem cell treatments.

Stem cell treatments can reprogram the brain by injecting conversion genes instead of human skin cells. Doctors can also derive the stem cells from a person’s own blood. In the near future doctors will be able to engineer the cells to provide superior care and treatment for people with different types of illnesses including Parkinson’s disease.

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