Stock Market Online Education for Pinoy Seaman and OFW’s

A lot of Pinoys are confused as to what type of investment they should try with the savings they have in the bank. There are so many scammers nowadays and because of this we need to be vigilant when it comes to the types of investments we are embarking on. Any kind of investment has its risk and every type of business has its own pros and cons and the only way to make sure that you will gain profit and a good passive income is to learn as much as you can to avoid getting scammed. It is very important that you INVEST IN YOUR EDUCATION FIRST.

There is no Get Rich Quick Scheme, if someone promises you that for just 100k you will earn 3 million or more in just 3 months then you should be careful. Not even the biggest and most high profile people in the world can attest to this unless they are doing something illegal. Bankers, Financial Educators and every successful Entrepreneur had to read, learn and train themselves to become Rich. Investing in your Mind and changing your life habits and learning how to deal with money correctly is very important in your journey to success.

The key to becoming a Good Investor and having a steady source of income is EDUCATION. Yes, you should not be afraid to study again. After all, you would only be able to remove your ignorance by reading, and attending seminars that will benefit you. Make use of your time and take seminars that will educate you.

Most Pinoys want everything to be easy, and do not want to take the time to READ. However READING and Getting Proper Education saves you from trouble. Instead of wasting your hard earned money with useless vices, put some effort into training and beneficial Online Seminars.

Engr. Arjay Magpantay a Seaman and the Founder of Azzet Maritime Consultancy Corporation in the Philippines was once like you. He didn’t know what he should do to become financially secure. Fortunately he was approached by Financial educators and he was convinced to study the Stock Market. This led him to decide to learn as much as he can about the different methods of Investing. He knows the story of so many OFWs and Seaman who were able to save millions but after going home in the Philippines lost all their hard earned money all because they didn’t know how to invest correctly. Because of this he was compelled to create an Online Seminar and wrote a series of books that would make it easy for Pinoy Seafarers and OFW’s to understand the Stock Market and different ways to earn Passive Income.

The Online seminar he created is simple and easy to understand. It was written for the benefit of Filipino OFWs and Seafarers who want to begin their journey in the stock market.

The Science of Getting Rich in the Philippine Stock Market

The Online Seminar contains the Real life Experience of the Author about how he began in the Stock Market. It depicts how he was able to make his investment grow bigger. His investment of 5,000 Pesos turned to 5,000,000 pesos because of effective stock market strategies.

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He did an in-depth research of the Stock Market, the fundamentals and trained himself and became an expert with the help of his business partners and financial experts.

About the Author:

Engr. Arjay Magpantay is the Founder of a Multi-Million Start-up Corporation. He is also a business consultant and an Expert Stock Market Investing Adviser. He is the author of best-selling book: Blue Chips: The Comprehensive Philippine Stock Market Investor’s Guide and ” The Trading Masters: Expert Tips from the Philippine’s Best Stock Traders”.

The Science of Getting Rich in the Philippine Stock Market teaches how you can grow your money using LEGAL means.The techniques he will teach you is legit and safe. The online Presentation will give you an idea of how the Stock market works. It will give a direct recommendation on which stocks you should buy as a beginner, and would also teach you key strategies on when you should buy the stocks. It is a complete training tool for Beginner Stock Traders.

The Online Seminar also comes with a Free eBook BLUE CHIPS: The Comprehensive Investor’s Guide in the Philippine Stock Market once you enroll online via

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If you want to retire early with a good amount of money in your bank. If you want to have a better life and earn more then sign up for the Online Seminar and learn more. Instead of wasting your time in companies that are vague and don’t really teach you to earn money for the long term you can study the Stock Market instead. Learn how to become an Expert Stock Market Trader and grow your money the right way!


  1. Visit the official website:
  2. The 1-Month Learning Access Fee is only P2,000, you can also try the 1-week online training for only P1,000.
  3. Deposit your payment to BPI ng Azzet Maritime Consultancy Corporation, Savings Account # 8103-1518-65.
  4. E-mail the Deposit Slip and include your Full Name and Email to so the administrator can activate your online access.
  5. Using the online access login your username and password at so you can already start learning using the Online Presentations provided.

Azzet Maritime Consultancy Corporation is focused on training Seafarers and OFW’s. The goal is to provide proper financial education for Filipinos and to help you become a CERTIFIED STOCK EDUCATOR after you finish the Stock Market Online Education.

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What Are the Advantages of Becoming a Certified Stock Educator?

  1. Become A Wise Investor
  2. Have More Passive Income
  3. Live in Financial Freedom

The Mission of Azzet Maritime Consultancy Corporations is to create 1 Million Filipino Seafarers and Families who are FINANCIALLY INTELLIGENT by 2023.

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