Stem cells: The New Frontier In Anti-Aging

10 years ago injecting stem cells on the face to look 10 to 15 years younger seems like science fiction, but thanks to the numerous scientific advancements humanity has made tremendous advances in stem cell therapy. We are now able to harvest, process, and transplant stem cells for clinical applications.

The autologous cells that are sourced from the human body are now considered as a legitimate tool for repairing and regenerating tissues. Hospitals and top stem cell clinics now use adipose-derived stem cells for wound repair and repair of tissue defects.

Stem Cell therapy is offering nonsurgical facial rejuvenation procedures in the form of facial treatments and facial injections.

Stem Cell Therapy is becoming one of the highly preferred types of treatment because of its ability to increase skin softness, facial fullness, and reduced wrinkling.

Stem cell therapy is the new frontier in Anti-Aging!

Aging is a natural part of human life, genetically speaking humans will lose their skin elasticity and soft tissue volume. People who smoke, have unhealthy eating habits and exposure to harsh chemicals risk destroying their skin at a much earlier time. The harsh chemicals found on make-up and the extreme lighting exposure indoors also cause the face to age prematurely.

Role of Stem Cells in Aging

Skincare experts and medical researchers have high hopes for stem cells when it comes to combating aging. Stem cells have the ability to self-renew, both the embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells hold enormous potential for therapeutic purposes.

Stem cells can be used to cure injured tissues, support wound healing, help improve a person’s focus and mental prowess, and enhance the energy of the body. When a fresh batch of stem cells are injected into an old muscle, the cell environment flourishes.

Collagen and Skin Rejuvenation

Stem Cell Facelift and Stem Cell injections hold immense promise when it comes to treating photodamaged skin. It works deep within and boosts collagen. The fat injections on the face create a rejuvenating effect. A new horizon has also been achieved using stem cell research, and this is with the development of biomolecules that maximize the effect of rejuvenation. There are some treatments in skin and spa clinics right now that make use of a combination of stem cells and hyaluronic acid into deep facial treatments. There are also other types of treatments wherein they make use of stem cells from umbilical cords of newborn babies.

Dermatologists have high hopes for umbilical-cord stem cells because they are considered brand new and multi-potent. When these stem cells are placed in the skin after collagen stimulating treatment or micro-needling they have the ability to triple the collagen-producing effect of the body.

These fresh batch of stem cells can also be used for hair stimulation or hair regrowth and facial fillers. When used correctly they have the ability to create healthier looking skin that contains more collagen and melanin.

Wharton Jelly

Stem cells are taken from the Wharton’s Jelly tissue layer of the umbilical cord, where there is a rich source of multipotent cells.

Today there are numerous health centers, academic research centers, clinics, and thousands of doctors who are using Wharton’s Jelly. The use of umbilical stem cells for beauty enhancing purposes is still new, but there are a lot of people willing to try it out. Some combine injecting fresh stem cells in their face and in their neck and are already seeing improvement in the volume, texture, and appearance of their skin.

In California, many clinics are already incorporating umbilical cord stem cells into lasers, fillers, hair regeneration, and micro needling processes. The fillers usually last for 8 months to two years and create a natural look. For hair regeneration, umbilical stem cells alone or PRP (platelet-rich plasma), are used to inspire faster hair growth. Stem cells assist the hair follicles and breathe in new life to the scalp, leading to healthier looking hair.

Lourdes Duque Baron: Stem Cell Advocate

Lourdes Duque Baron continues to make astounding strides and keeps on breaking preconceived ideas about how humans should live!

Lourdes Duque Baron during a photoshoot taken July 26, 2019 — she was 72.

A beauty queen, humanitarian, award-winning author, film producer, actress, and brilliant musician.

A nominee for the Sidney Hillman Foundation Award for her book Scripted In Heaven in 2013. Also nominated for the EOTM Awards in the category Outstanding Literary (Inspirational, True Story, Biography) for the same book.  Lourdes Duque Baron won the MoneyCytec Achiever Awards Night 2013 in NYC.

As a multi-talented artist, she also won Breakthrough Album of the Year at the Los Angeles Music Awards in 2014 for album Feeling Good At Any Age and received her first Grammy Award nomination.

In 2019 she starred and produced the award-winning short film “Tombstone Pillow” that won numerous awards like the Asian Cinematography Awards, New York City International Film Festival, ARFF Amsterdam Around International Film Festival 2020, and the Global Short Film Awards Cannes.

Despite the full schedule, Lourdes Duque Baron is a spitting image of happiness and vitality. In her 70’s Lou Baron exceed expectations with her tenacity, laser-sharp focus, and willingness to see life as an amazing gift- a true adventurer!

Thanks to billions of stem cells coursing through her veins!


Lourdes Duque Baron is already in her 70’s, but she is living and breathing proof that stem cell therapy works wonderfully!

Lourdes Duque Baron during a photoshoot taken July 26, 2019 — she was 72.

Her positive mindset, faith in Jesus Christ, and the healing wonders that she and her husband discovered through Stem Cell Therapy- allow them to live a rich, rewarding and fulfilling life.

A fresh batch of stem cells injected to her body allow her to operate on higher levels- living the life of a New Breed of Human- faster, stronger, with a sharp memory and higher levels of energy and inspiration!

As a stem cell advocate, she decided to share how Stem Cells continue to allow her mind and body to function at their best, allowing her to lead a fulfilling life.

Lou Baron credits stem cells for her energy and vitality in life. Stem cells are the spark that brought her the idea to write “New Breed of Homo Sapiens”
” Stem cells will reverse aging and improve the quality of life for many, but it is not a ticket to immortality”, Baron noted.

New Breed of Homo Sapiens is about a story of reinventing the self. About fearlessness and boundless energy. It is about the potential waiting to happen. The wisdom of overcoming age-related deterioration of the body through regenerative medicine.

“I want my readers to fully understand and grasp the importance of this medical breakthrough,” she said. “We are talking about the future generations and the new breed of humans, and I want to bring the knowledge to the public’s doorstep,” she added.

Lourdes Duque Baron

Lou Baron studied tirelessly to research and promote advances in stem cell research. Believing that there is a need to do more. There is a need to take more risks to get the word out there.

” Let’s tackle issues, in ways our music and film communities can do it better than anyone else”. There is no challenge, artistic or otherwise, that we can’t meet.

Lourdes Duque Baron

Lourdes Duque Baron is tackling a very important issue and that is how to combat the fear of ” Old Age”, presenting a clear solution and living as an example of how how to feel great at any age.


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