SILA Saxophone Idols Live in Action : Biggest Saxophone Concert in Asia

SILA Saxophone Idols Live In Action gave Filipinos another reason to celebrate creativity. On October 12, 2019, SILA Saxophone Live in Action gave a heartfelt performance at the Newport Performing Arts Theater Resorts World Manila. Entertaining the crowd with carefully crafted presentations and Saxophone music that is able to speak to the soul.

The dream was to create the Biggest Saxophone Concert in Asia, to impress in the heart of the new generation the value and essence of the craft. To put listeners into another dimension for a few minutes, to rendezvous with the wind. The event started strong and was able to maintain its peak, it was well crafted and it was easy to notice that the creators of the event had a great love for what they do. The event was able to depict a grand execution, opening more doors for future Saxophone enthusiasts not just in Asia but the world.

The 2019 SILA Saxophone Idols Live in Action was definitely bigger, in a better venue and covered a range of songs that entertained the crowd. They stayed true to our Filipino roots, and incorporated more nationalistic songs. The show also included the Classics which was an immense hit for the audience. SILA Saxophone offered something new, something divine, something exquisite and all of the performers did their part with utmost interest, creativity and soul. The show was able to make use of the Saxophone and turn in into a complete theatrical piece- if you didn’t have any care at all for the Saxophone in the past, after watching this show you will- which means the producers and creators were able to transfer their love for the craft. It was a big success. To God be the Glory.

Performers included SaxSerenade- Saxophone Youtube Star, Archie Lacorte who is a Saxophone Master. Jay Bee Javelosa the SaxFastrack Coach and producer of SILA. Josh Espinosa of Eat Bulaga Music Hero Saxophone Champ. Nix Lontoc a top student of SaxFastrack. With Special guest Nicole Tejedor aka. Sax Diva. Dr. Joben Abraham, Glenda Cagadoc, XT on Sax Christian Chiu, Ron Bailon. The Saxtrack First Class, an enthralling performance from RedoFam a dance troupe group.

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