Signs of Depression in Women

Depression can affect women from all walks of life, it does not matter what social strata you are in, or how famous and financially successful you are. Depression can hit at anytime and it could be caused by the environment and health factors. Older women are also prone to suffering from severe depression due to the ongoing hormonal changes in the body as one gets older.

In the United States alone there are 15 million people experiencing depression each year, and there is a high prevalence of women who are suffering. If not treated correctly, it can lead to suicide and other health complications and mental disorders.

Depression is a highly misunderstood disease, the current methods we have for dealing with it, is hardly working. This is because to cure depression there should be a holistic approach. It is the disease of the mind, that affects the immune system, it is an internal attack that has to be cured in its entirety.

Clinical depression is a serious and pervasive disorder that affects the mood and behavior. It is so much more than feeling lonely, it is severe perception that a person’s life is hopeless. Women age 55 and above are prone to feeling helpless and worthless due to the belief that they are already nearing the end of their life.

At the age of 55 a person begins to have so many regrets, not to mention health problems that hinder them from moving.

Symptoms of depression in women often include anxious feelings and empty mood. Loss of interest in sex and other pleasurable activities. Restlessness, irritability and excessive crying. Hopelessness, feelings of guilt, sleeping too much or too little, loss of appetite or overeating and general loss of energy and zest for life. Depression can also cause a person to lose their ability to focus, and could be accompanied by digestive disorders and chronic pain.

To cure depression, one should not simply rely on medications given by psychiatrist. It is more on changing the entire perception and boosting the mental health and renewing the bodily system. The body is composed of stem cells, once a person gets older these cells die on their own, and while they can propagate again through the natural mechanism of the body, this becomes harder to accomplish once a person reaches a certain age.

For this reason, many people especially Hollywood A-list celebrities and high profile CEO’s are already looking into Stem Cell therapy. The cure for depression that many do not understand yet is the ability to renew the stem cells.

If proper lifestyle and mindset could be achieved, combined with the power of stem cells, then women become unstoppable.

Growing old does not have to mean the end of quality of life. In the past they would often say that 40’s is the beginning of a new life. But revolutionary doctors and medical researchers who have studied Stem Cells extensively are boldly saying that a person aged 70 or more could retain their quality of life, and have a healthy and strong mindset with the aid of advanced technological discoveries.

One of the best example of the Power of stem cells is Lourdes Duque Baron. An award winning author, film producer, musician, actress and humanitarian. By the grace of God, and with the help of FGAAA Feeling Good at Any Age The One Stop Rejuvenation Center in California, she is able to live an engaging and energetic life. She is already 72 years old but is still beaming with health, she attributes her strength and good memory skills to the billions of stem cells injected through her system.

72 is the NEW 32 โ€” taken July 2019 โ€” in Garden Grove, CA USA
The Ultimate Braglist โ€“ Lourdes Duque Baron looking Incredibly

Instead of being a grumpy old woman in her 70’s, she is instead the epitome of health and happiness. The fresh stem cells running through her veins allow her to be immensely energetic. This is because Stem Cell therapy is already scientifically proven to be effective.

Listen to Lou Baron’s Voice at age 72! Proof of the Power of Stem Cells!

FGAAA Clinic offers advanced form of anti-aging treatment and provides rejuvenation for the body. Women who are suffering from the pangs of depression can seek out ways to help boost their mind and body.

Rejuvenation therapy can reduce fatigue and tiredness, while anti aging treatments will remove aged spots, lines and wrinkles creating a youthful appearance. Stem cell therapy helps boost energy, stamina and vitality and is also able to remove back pain, aches and pains including stiffness of joints. Women who are suffering from depression would find all of these benefits rewarding, not to mention the ability to have mental clarity and better outlook in life.

Depression in women could at times cause low self esteem, difficulty in sleeping, loss of appetite and fatigue. But with the aid of stem cells and rejuvenation therapies these symptoms could be kept at bay. So a person suffering from depression could have a fighting chance against their pervasive loneliness and lack of purpose.

Depression attacks the brain and the Spirit, and while science and technology cannot cure the entire ailment that affects the Spirit, it could give a form of protection that would allow depression sufferers to have a fighting chance.

Depression and feelings of suicide have to be dealt with holistically. Praying daily and believing in Jesus Christ can do wonders for the mind and the body.

Stem cell therapy is a given scientific tool for humanity to be able to combat the environmental problems and chaos in this world. Depression is severe, and has taken many lives and should never be taken lightly. Taking a holistic approach and alternative treatments and forms of therapy to combat this illness can dramatically save lives.

Many women suffer from depression due to underlying conditions like imbalance in hormone levels, and many changes the female body go through since the time of puberty, pregnancy, miscarriage and menopause. To solve depression and feelings of hopelessness, futuristic methods have to be employed.

If you have already tried every medication you can think of, and you still feel depressed. If you lack the energy and motivation to go on, you can search for alternative solutions like Stem Cell therapy and rejuvenation therapies to help assist your body and mind into wellness.

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