Signs and Symptoms of HIV | How Stem Cell Therapy Can Help

HIV is a disease that weakens the immune system of a person that is affected by it.  Here are the early signs and symptoms of someone who has HIV. HIV takes a long time to emerge, it could take 10 years or more for the HIV symptoms to show.

For the first two weeks after getting infected by HIV, the person who has it may feel feverish, with aches and pains in the body like the regular flu. The symptoms can last for years, depending on the severity of the virus in the system and the lifestyle of the person affected with it.

The early signs and symptoms of HIV is thrush, a white coating on your tongue and mouth, really bad yeast infections.  A sore throat and getting coughs and colds a lot and feeling tired and dizzy or lightheaded. A person who has HIV would also suffer from frequent headaches and sudden weight loss, and they can get easily bruised. Diarrhea and night fevers could also be experienced, including swollen or firm glands in the armpit, groin or in the throat. HIV will also cause an infected person to suffer from shortness of breath, and bleeding from the anus, vagina, mouth or the nose as well as skin rashes. There will also be purplish growths on the skin and inside the mouth and feeling of numbness in the hands, feet, and loss of control over the muscles and reflexes.

10 years ago, the cure for HIV does not yet exist, but due to scientific advancements and constant medical research. Medical science and clinical experts have succeeded in finding ways to help resolve this disease.

Spanish Doctors Eliminate HIV from Patient Using Stem Cell Transplant Trial

Spanish scientists are on the verge of something great, in recent research finding they were able to manage or eliminate HIV from a patient using stem cell transplant treatment. Scientists who hail from the Institute for AIDS Research IrsiCaixa in Barcelona together with Gregorio Maranon Hospital in Madrid were able to remove the virus from the tissues and blood fo 6 patients who are under the clinical trial.

One of the patients now has no antibodies fighting the infection, which means that the HIV disease inside his body has been completely eliminated. The patients continue to keep up with their antiretroviral treatment, but research already believes that they are successful in eliminating the antibodies completely. During their first study, they used 6 guinea pigs and installed stem cells on them coming from the umbilical cords and bone marrow of donors. The new study will pioneer in the new treatments for HIV/ AIDs.

Researcher Maria Salgado, one of the authors of the study together with hematologist Mi Kwon, explained that the reason why current drugs are not able to cure HIV is that of the viral reservoir, which is existing in the cells of the people infected by HIV. The virus can become undetectable and while it cannot be passed on in some cases, it remains dormant inside the cells and cannot be destroyed by the body’s own immune system. The study conducted on HIV was inspired by Timothy Brown, he was the ” The Berlin Patient” who had his HIV disease eliminated from his body after undergoing stem cell transplant to treat his leukemia back in 2008.  He no longer uses antiretroviral treatment and until this very day, his HIV has not returned.

These are very promising results by a clinical trial, for this reason, many more would be conducted in the process to observe how the HIV virus will respond. The eradication of HIV/ AIDs is now possible in this life thanks to the power of stem cell therapy.


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