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November 20, 2017- A movement #Bringgaldot to the Philippines was launched just this week. It seems actress Gal Gadot has been sending waves of positive energy in the Philippines and there is a callout for Gal Gadot to visit the country.

My SuperHero Foundation in cooperation with 88 ACE Productions has been steadfast in creating charitable projects for women with cancer and Filipinos suffering from Parkinson’s disease and other rare diseases.

Only recently the group established the Historical Ride from Luneta to Davao to raise awareness for rare diseases in the Philippines. 88 ACE Productions and My Super Hero Friends Foundation Inc believes in the power of the Internet Community and started a movement that they hope will reach the actress Gal Gadot to visit the Philippines- to bring inspiration.

Gal Gadot is equivalent to the modern day hero,  she is a symbol of a strong woman, and a mother as well as a wife and the ultimate epitome of self-discipline and courage as she trained for the role of a lifetime ” Wonderwoman”

There are so many things to love about Gal Gadot, more than her portrayal as a superhero. She is also a wonder mom to her 5- year old Alma and second baby Maya. And despite the many constraints of just giving her, she was able to go through it all and still promoted her film.

When asked by an interviewer on ESPN what is the best lesson she wants her daughter to learn, she answered: ” How to love themselves”. Because in a society where women, and even girls as young as age 6, are forced to fit into gender roles, the hardest thing in life can be just to be who you want to be. How cool is it that we can point to Wonder Woman as a great example of a strong, independent woman to our daughters?

88 ACE Productions wants to bring the authenticity, love, and energy of the actress to inspire countless of Filipinos in the country- women, and men who related to what Wonder Woman Gal Gadot is all about.

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