SEO Guidelines That Defy Google Search Engine Algorithm Updates

seo guidelines

Follow our SEO guidelines! It’s a bunch of rules to avoid getting your websites penalized by Google while it’s rolling out updates from time to time. Sometimes it runs local tests in your country, region, state, or city, and sometimes tests are rolled out globally affecting all sites on the web. And when tests are successful, they roll out the big update that changes the search engine results, meaning the site you see on page 1 may go back to page 2 and the sites you never see in the results when you’re googling something will suddenly appear on top of the results.

Google is doing it to eliminate websites with unreliable content, sites that contain virus or malware, sites with fake news, sites that you should never see in the results when you’re looking for something. Google wants you to see only the sites you need when searching the Internet. Google tries to be so accurate that it shows you only the relevant sites.

Well, you know that most people that make money online do their best to show you their own sites, so that when you click on their sites they’ll make more and more and more money even if the content of their sites is not the content that you really want to see. They’re cheating. They’re just tricking you for their own benefits. You hate it. People hate it. Because Google wants to fix this problem, the geniuses in their company devised programs that resolve your issue. They make changes in the algorithm or the program that shows the list of websites in the search results.


How to keep your website in the search results

If you’re not optimizing the content of your website, most likely your site will never stay in the search results. Google may pull it down to the bottom of the list until your site disappears from the results, especially when Google detects that your site is violating their guidelines.

Google has a long list of guidelines with thousands of algorithmic rules. These rules, however, are never revealed outside of Google. And that is why we don’t have an official handbook of SEO guide, because these rules change all the time whenever Google finds out that unreliable websites are still showing up in the search results.


SEO Guidelines by IMARK SEO

IMARK SEO, the prime SEO service provider of IMARK International, performs search engine optimization procedure in accordance with IMARK’s Advanced and Exclusive SEO Guide for Content Writers and Link Builders, a comprehensive book that contains SEO policy and more than a thousand rules based on Google Webmaster Guidelines and Algorithms they release on a regular basis.

IMARK on January 5, 2018 released Advanced SEO Guide for Content Writers and Link Builders, an SEO guide or SEO handbook that contains 35 pages containing proven SEO strategies and techniques in detail, that made big brands’ websites super popular today. This is the only guide that reveals secrets of the webmasters. This is the only guide that shows step-by-step SEO procedure that large corporations implement in their SEO campaigns.

In this guide, you will see rules for Content Writers and Link Builders in accordance with Google Webmaster Guidelines and Search Engine Algorithms, where to build links, what types of content to write, what types of links to create, and frequency of link building on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis as well as the Google Algorithm Updates.

The guide is on sale for only $75 with quarterly updates. It’s available on IMARK Shop.

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