Self Taught Artist in Cebu creates Impeccable and Valuable Works of Art

Je An “Govinda” Marquesto also known as Govinda Jean in the music industry is making waves in International art festivals for a good number of reasons.

Govinda Jean has explored many facets of art, from being a freelance artist, who delved into mixed media, sculpture, watercolor, wire, nail and thread and oil as media. To becoming a theater musician, craftsman, and instrument maker.











As an artist, he continues to evolve, his roots as a biology graduate allowed him to merge the powers of nature and science in his art, crafts, and music. His entire life has revolved in art- it is the message that courses through his veins and the very thing that gives power to everything he is doing in life.

After a long hiatus in 2013 due to the death of Kadangyan’s bassist,  Govinda came back to one of his first love which is painting. Despite the many setbacks caused by a number of reasons, this self-taught artist continues to bounce back and this time with a stronger and mature message.

Filipino artists continue to research, their entire life is about experiencing the deepest sensations possible- if you want to become a satisfied artist you have to roll with the punches of life, and you have to learn to pick yourself up at the end of the day and rebrand- until you find your voice.

Musical Influence

Govinda Jean is a percussionist and collaborated with Queso, Willabaliw and is one of the Workshop facilitators in the prestigious festival Malasimbo. He has delved into the highs and lows of theater and eventually contributed his time to joining the Baybayin literacy campaign.

His music and abstraction have helped him express his art in various ways- every experience, every downfall, every achievement has allowed him to create simple yet evocative works of art.

Govinda Jean’s works have already been featured in numerous art events and art festival here and abroad. His abstract works have a wide appeal.  A lot of his works can be found in major art galleries in Makati and Cebu.







His abstract works are sought after and included in private collections of art enthusiasts and art critics alike in Iloilo, Cebu and Asian countries like Taiwan and Singapore. 


His “Kayumanggi” outwork amounting to $132,000 received one of the highest commendations in the 2018 International Artist Grand Prize Competition.

As a self- taught artist, he is a reminder of how Filipinos are shaped and molded by time into becoming the best. Filipino artists continue to evolve and are highly competitive in the International arts festival as the consciousness of artists continue to influence the way we live today.




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