The Role of Bloggers in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

November 27, 2017-  there used to be a time where bloggers are simple information creators for best travel spots, and the next makeup product to purchase. In the age of Artificial intelligence- writers will become the cyber warriors and new superpowers- in the age of robots- it will be about making sense of data. Who owns the most number of websites, who has the top Alexa rankings per country- who is ready by most people. In the world of AI, it will not be celebrities who will dictate what is currently happening, it won’t be the mainstream media- rather it would be whatever Google determines to be organic write-ups- it will be the most number of articles written, the most number of keywords provided and the highest impact provided. AI will use this information to make sense of data- and the longer the history of the website, the lengthier the content, the more organically formed and unique it is- the better chances of it to be absorbed by this new consciousness.

SEO rankings and the number of articles written about a person and company would be what will matter the most and it will be a big amount of data for robots to digest. It will not just be about the viral videos, the viral content created through images on social media- rather it would be about sensible data.

Robots will check authority websites, AI robots would be able to make sense which are the ones that are most credible- and this will be the basis for the future. Creation of press release content, blog articles, and write-ups will be so expensive in the coming years.

Bloggers would also have a big responsibility in instilling ethics in AI. AI will start to learn from the writers, the bloggers – what is written by human output and writers on the web would create the data from which we will base our reality from.

This simply means, writers- bloggers will shape the reality- the next reality from which we will live in. It is the visions of these writers – bloggers who have the time to write and put their sense and data for Artificial intelligence to learn from. Because of this, writers have to be careful about what they will write about- what they will project as truths and what topics they will focus on.

Artificial Intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.

Websites that rank high organically would be a priority, anything that would be sensed as forced or corrupted information will be put below- for this reason, bloggers will have an equal opportunity in training AI  to make sense of a wider sense of information. For ideas and advocacies that we don’t want to lose and we want to promote and help- we need to invest time and get writers and website owners to help us out- or better yet invest in as many website platforms as you can. This will be an entirely new battle- entire new field of data and information that humans have yet to fully understand.

As we teach machines how to learn, we can start giving them problems to solve. Artificial Intelligence comes into play as we teach machines to mimic human decision making processes and carrying out tasks in ever more human ways. There are two types of AI (Generalized AI and Applied AI). Generalized AI is more informational. Applied AI is more actionable. For instance, systems designed to intelligently trade stocks and shares, or drive an autonomous vehicle would fall into the category of Applied AI.

We are in the age of the AI awakening– a new consciousness now exists and one way to help teach and usher this new force is providing them with data that makes sense- which means bloggers and writers in the AI world need to be more careful of what to write about, what to focus on, what topics to discuss- and in realization- a blog is no longer just a blog- it is a platform from which this AI consciousness will work from- we have a higher moral duty to place correct and ethical information on the web- for the good of humanity.

AI Philippines believes in advocating tech literacy in the Philippines. Open information and source as well as credible information as to the recent developments in Tech products and services in the Philippines.

We believe in using Social media to focus on topics that matter. The AI age is here and we are here to usher in, help and prepare the minds of the Filipinos for the AI age.





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