Robin Padilla & ABS-CBN Executive Ethel Espiritu heated online discussion regarding franchise renewal

Manila, Philippines- ABS-CBN Production executive staff Ethel Manaloto Espiritu did not hold back after seeing the recent post of actor Robin Padilla regarding the working conditions of talents inside the TV network.

The broadcasting franchise of ABS-CBN will end on March 30, 2020, however, there is still no assurance if the government will renew them for the next 25 years. 

Last February 10, the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) filed a quo warranto petition in the Supreme Court to nullify the franchise of ABS-CBN including the ABS-CBN Convergence, Inc. 

The Quo Warranto petition is the one the government is using to question the “usurpation of public office, position or franchise”, based on Rule 66 of the Rules of Court. The Office of the Solicitor General is the law office that officially represents the government. 

This set of actions from the government is no longer surprising, President Rodrigo Duterte was quoted beforehand that he will try all that he can to stop the franchise renewal of ABS-CBN. Since ABS-CBN did not air his Presidential campaign ads for the 2016 Presidential elections, even if they paid. 

Robin Padilla is known as a Kapamilya actor and has several projects with ABS-CBN including Pilipinas Got Talent at Sana Dalawa ang Puso which both aired in 2018. He has been with ABS-CBN since 1999-2006 and 2010-2013. 

Robin Padilla is known for being a staunch supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte. In his post last February 13, he challenged his co-actors and big celebrities in ABS-CBN and GMA-7, particularly those who are vocal with their support for the Kapamilya network. He challenged them to release their contracts and compare them to other talents in the network. According to Robin, this is the right time to discuss the issue, to talk about fair wages and benefits for the people who are being employed by the TV network especially the ones who are not regular talents. Robin Padilla stated that he favors the renewal of the franchise of ABS-CBN, but he reiterated that there is a need to change the flawed system and the working state of everyone working in the entertainment industry. 

On February 14, the Production Executive of ABS-CBN posted her reply and answered the tirades of the actor regarding the working system inside the Kapamilya network. 

Espiritu is the business unit head of the ABS-CBN content-providing unit which is Dreamscape Entertainment. She is currently the one in-charge of iWant. 

In her tweet, she reminded Robin Padilla about his time working with the Kapamilya network, including the family members of Robin Padilla who are in it, even his wife Mariel Rodriguez. Espiritu also pointed other members of the Padilla family who are with ABS-CBN including Rommel Padilla, Aljur Abrenica and Daniel Padilla. Espiritu asked Padilla, why is this the only time he was speaking out, why didn’t he fight for this a long time ago if he noticed that there is something wrong with the way ABS-CBN is doing things in the past?

Espiritu said (published as is)” “Angel Locsin best said it, ‘think before you click’. You cannot post something then blame it on being the ex-convict in you that overtook your emotions Mr. Robin Padilla. Its either pinanindigan mo misplaced emotions mo or never post at all. Ganun lang yun.

“Ganito na lang, mahabang panahon ka ding nagtrabaho sa ABSCBN(kasama ang asawa mo, kapatid mo, mga pamangkin mo at ang tinatawag namin nung Kamaganak Corp) sa haba ng panahon na yon if me napansin ka na palang mali sa pamamalakad esp sa mga trabahador, bakit hindi mo pinaglaban?

“Isa pa, kontrata pala hamon mo. Napakalaki ng per taping day sahod mo. Kung talagang makabayan at makatao ka, eh di dapat pala shinare mo sa kanila ang blessings mo. Lahat ng issues mo, dapat pala nun mo pa pinaglaban. San ka nun? Sino presidente nun? Ahhh. Okay. Noted.”

According to Espiritu, Robin is trying to sway the issue against the quo warranto issue that is currently being faced by the Kapamilya network and urged Robin Padilla to practice what he preaches. 

However, Espiritu was quick to state that she is still grateful that Robin Padilla is in favor of or the renewal. She just didn’t want him talking about other non-related issues like the working conditions inside ABS-CBN, especially now that the network is facing its own share of troubles due to the franchise renewal issues. 

Robin Padilla didn’t let her comment slide and replied 

Padilla said that everyone in showbiz who knows his real character can attest to the fact that he was always ready to help employees who are working inside the Kapamilya network. He didn’t fail to assist in giving staff and co-workers medicine and even goes out of his way to pay for medical bills even funeral assistance to those who need them.

Padilla asked Espiritu to ask the set of “Sana Dalawa ang Puso Ko”, who he was talking to regarding the working conditions of non-regular employees of ABS-CBN and implied that it was Gina Lopez. Robin stated that it took them more than an hour to talk about the housing of non-regular employees. He also included other issues in the post and asked a Rocky Ubana regarding how much their salary is and if they are even receiving overtime pay.

He also asked if their agency is registered and if the DOLE knows that they have laborers that are working beyond office hours. What are the rights that are given to these workers? This is the reason why Padilla was raising the issue. He believes this is the proper time for ABS-CBN to humble itself towards the management and the people working for ABS-CBN.

He reiterated that the giant network must listen to the pleas of the people. Padilla also stated that they should not be surprised, this is how multi-billion companies negotiate their labor issues. The things that he mentioned and was posting about online are not lies, there are cases filed in court regarding this matter and they need to be investigated.

Padilla is grateful for the work given to his family members inside the Kapamilya network and stated that each of them has their own life to live. They have their own decisions to make and they can even join in bashing him if they want. 

Robin Padilla states that he will be forever grateful for what ABS-CBN has done for him. But the issue here is the franchise and labor and these are the ones that the giant network must face. Let us not get swayed by emotional dramas and persuasive words. He already apologized earlier, but if they want to drag the issue longer, he expressed that he is ready to face them head-on. 

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