Revolutionary Stem Cell Treatments Could Eradicate HIV

For more than 30 years, doctors and researchers have struggled to find the ultimate cure for HIV. But now,  answers are becoming clearer. With the help of revolutionary stem cell research, we are now closer to the cure. The goal of stem cell researchers is to provide a lifelong immunity to HIV, the goal is to eliminate its presence in humanity according to Dr. Scott Kitchen, an associate professor of oncology and hematology at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine, as found in an article released by the Daily Beast online news. As a UCLA Aids institute faculty member, Kitchen’s research centers on immune system abnormalities, the research group focused on HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus. In the research journal, they released why immune cells do not have the ability to cure aids and clarified as to why AIDS and other drugs were not able to cure the disease.

Stem Cell Therapy as Cure

Unlike chemicals and other drugs, stem cell therapy has the ability to help the body heal naturally. Stem cells have the capability to regenerate and grow new cells. According to their findings stem cell treated immune cells could destroy HIV and even provide a complete stop to the HIV infection to prevent it from recurring.

AIDS or HIV continuous to be a worldwide threat and one of the most infectious killers because of the human immune system’s T-cells that is unable to defeat or vanquish HIV. For this reason, the research team of Kitchen tested stem cell generated T-cells that can defeat the HIV virus in the best way possible. While HIV is not a death sentence and people can still live a fairly normal life when they have it, people who suffer have to rely on daily medications like antiretroviral drugs which are not readily available in most third world countries. ARVs have the ability to halt or slow down the progression of HIV, however, it cannot remove it completely.

Stem cell-based technology is offering a potential cure and long-term solution for HIV patients. Stem cell research advances have grown through the years- there is vocal support for it, and large clinical trials are being conducted- providing a renewed sense of faith and trust that one day HIV would be completely eradicated. Kitchen’s research is just one of the many clinical trials done using stem cell generated treatments. Doctors have already conducted testing with animals including safe tests for human volunteers.

Stem cell therapies also provide a better alternative, instead of taking costly ARVs that just slow down the disease, people can now opt for stem cell treatment to help their body heal naturally. As of this date, there is over $73 million spent on HIV  research projects and this will involve stem cell-based explorations. Stem cell therapy has received monumental support from the government and private health facilities. We are getting closer and closer to the solution.


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Stem cells now offering hope for HIV patients

An HIV patient in 2010 named Timothy Brown was successfully cured of his HIV with the help of stem cell therapy

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