Reliable Door-to- Door Delivery Service in Metro Manila | Blitz Delivery PH

BLITZ delivery is finally here and promises a reliable, trustworthy and on time door-to-door delivery service within Metro Manila.  The delivery process is swift, easy to understand and no fuss they also offer On-Demand Same Day Delivery service including Next Day or Express Delivery, and 2-3 Days for Budget Delivery.  Check out their rates at Blitz Delivery Rates

To avail of the service, all that the client has to do is a register, just go to After signing up for an account you can already start viewing the rates and selecting the process you need. Currently Blitz Delivery is not offering pouches so clients need to have their own pouches but, the good news is that there is no pick-up fee. For On Demand pick up delivery the cut off is until 2 PM, Next Day and 2-3 Days- 8am. There is also no minimum number of packages to be picked up. Once the booking is confirmed an SMS will be sent to the client.

Customers can cancel the pick up at Blitz Delivery but they have to make sure that they cancel before the SMS confirmation is sent. Once the confirmation has been sent, customers can no longer cancel. The customers can pay the shipping fee upon pick-up or delivery. The website of Blitz Delivery has a dashboard where clients can track or monitor their packages. They just need to go to the Dashboard, then check the Tracking and input the Tracking number. Once the package has already been delivered the client would then receive an SMS confirmation.

About Blitz Delivery:

This door to door digital service delivery was founded by two programmers, they have 60 years of combined experienced in designing and developing, as well as deploying software solutions which basically means that the process is seamless and well thought out. The creators understand the technology behind it and because of this customers can expect efficient service that is highly beneficial for online sellers, buyers and logistics providers. Blitz Delivery works on a simple principle, the service has to be fast, good and cheap and they are doing all that they can to constantly improve the service.

The company is also eco-friendly, Blitz Delivery encourages the use of eco-friendly-use your own recycled pouches, they also encourage print your own waybill and also book with Google mapped addresses, the travel time is also considerably reduced due to Waze navigation. The vision is to create a better network of drop off centers on the long-term so that the carbon footprint can be reduced-

They will guarantee that the packages will arrive on the agreed pick up and delivery time 100%. The creators are very mindful of their reputation and only want the best- in the end, the idea is simple and that is to make the lives of online sellers and entrepreneurs of all kind easier. Life should not be wasted on useless follow-ups and complaints as stated in the About Us Section of the builder’s website.

Blitz Delivery does not encourage tipping their delivery agents, they want their service to remain sincere so that no particular customer is favored over the other. Help them succeed by referring the business to various business networks and more #CultureofSincerity

To learn more visit:

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