Are you ready to be replaced by a Robot?

The age of Artificial intelligence is coming sooner than expected, even as of the moment, IMARK  International in the Philippines has already laid out its A.I based software products to reduce the cost and stress of business owners and corporations during daily operation.

According to Google China, as told in CNBC, the age of A.I ( Artificial Intelligence) will happen much faster. Kai-Fu Lee, now chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures, is seeing that half of all jobs will disappear in the next 5 to 10 years. A lot of jobs would be replaced by robots and this will be the fastest period of disruption in history as we know it.

Blue collar and white collar jobs will go first. Any work that is repetitive in nature and could easily be done by robots will be replaced. White collar jobs are easier to take over because they are quantitive in their analytical process this means- Reporters, traders, telemarketing, customer service, analysts can all be replaced by software. But the CEO has stated that there is no need to worry because the jobs lost will spur the creation of new ideas and business ventures for the new generation of humans that are leaving with AI robots.

Lee said that it will spur economic growth since humans can now have more time to do other pursuits that they had no time to do before. He hopes that with a fewer job, people will find happiness without working and that would be a happy outcome.

This led to the topic of the Universal basic income that is being asked for the government. It would be easier to adjust in the A.I world, if there is a steady stipend to help each citizen make ends meet, regardless of what employment they have. In the Zeitgeist addendum, they stressed the idea that Technology must not be viewed as an enemy, when the time comes that  most jobs can be done by robots- we can focus on artistic and spiritual pursuits instead of wasting our energy ironing our clothes- because robots would already know how to do it faster for us.

Because of this, they are suggesting that instead of relying on the Basic income, we need to retrain and adapt so that everyone can find a suitable profession.”

Some of the solutions he offered in his commentary include developing more jobs that require social skills such as social workers, therapists, teachers, and life coaches as well as encouraging people to volunteer and considering paying them.

Lee wrote, “We need to redefine the idea of work ethic for the new workforce paradigm. The importance of a job should not be solely dependent on its economic value but should also be measured by what it adds to society.”

“We should also reassess our notion that longer work hours are the best way to achieve success,” he concluded




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